SHOW SUPPORT: ‘Yanky’s Amazing Discovery’ by Rabbi Reuven Bauman z”l Is Available For Purchase



As the family of Rabbi Reuven Bauman is sitting in mourning, thousands of people who followed the tragic story and were devastated by the terrible outcome are now looking for different ways to show their support to the family.

As reported yesterday, an email address has been set up for those wishing to reach out to the Bauman family at A fund to donate to the family has also been set up with a link at the top of the page.

Another avenue to show support is to purchase a children’s book written by Rabbi Reuven Bauman. Published by Menucha Publishers, the full profit from sales of Yanky’s Amazing Discovery” will be going to the family. The book, which Rabbi Bauman wrote to give chizzuk to struggling youngsters, will also serve as a zchus for him.

The book can be purchased by CLICKING HERE.

A description of the book, found at Menucha Publishers website, is pasted below:

Yanky Rosen is having a hard time in yeshivah. The Gemara is too hard, and he doesn’t want to review with his father or let his rebbe know he didn’t study. All the boys in his class are learning, but Yanky just can’t concentrate.

To forget his difficulties, Yanky escapes to the attic, where he finds an unusual treasure. Will his amazing discovery help him solve his problems?

In this first-of-its-kind book by Reuven Bauman, young readers will identify with Yanky’s struggles and be inspired with him by the stories of Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky.



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