Shtieble News Responds to Allegations of Scooping Up Ladaat Domain Name


shtieble-newsReports in the Israeli chareidi media have claimed that the owners of the news site did not renew their domain address, and it was soon after scooped up by a competitor, The reports blamed for its actions. has responded to the allegations, calling them false and libelous. Below is a statement released by the site:

“Constant complaints have reached us when the domain began to refer to this site. Therefore, here are some clarifications on the subject:

“- Shtieble has requested that the domain will stop referring to shtieble, but it has yet been done by the domain owner after we where informed of the way the domain was obtained. Also we have removed the notice that the domain owner ask us to put up about selling the domain.

“- Shtieble is not the owner of the domain and has nothing to do with the ladaat website. We didn’t think or try to buy the domain

“- Shtieble is not trying to promote itself by bringing down other sites

“We are here to provide news and updates for free, Shtieble not-for-profit organization and is uninfluenced by interests.

“- All complaints can be directed to the domain owner who bought the domain or to the complaints department at the domain company.

“- The leaflets are here for you, we do not claim to be a replacement for Ant the people that think we stole the leaflets from a mail system please read next section.

“- Since we do not own the domain, we have no access at all to all mailboxes and anything related to the site

“- There are terrorists who are trying to overthrow the Shtieble News site by causing damage to the servers and various systems, Unfortunately Israeli police The Department Computer Crimes had to be involved to get help to stop the attacks against our servers.

“- Please notice that shtieble is a non profit organization and therefore the people, attacking shtieble do no harm effect but on the visitors that use the services of this site.

“- When we where asked if can refer to we assumed the domain was legitimately gained.

“- The parsha sheets that are given here where send to us by mail ( or by the contact forms, and not taken without permission and/or unauthorized usage.

“In the event that you think that the Shtieble hurt you or a person / entity, please send a organized message and we will take care of it. Spam in not beneficial and take up the precious time of the volunteers that run this site.

“Wishing you Shabbat Shalom,

“Shtieble news.”

{ Israel News Bureau}



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