SHTREIMELS UNDER ATTACK? New York City Council Proposes Legislation To Ban Sale Of Fur Apparel

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New York City could soon be a fur-less metropolis if Council Speaker Corey Johnson (D-Manhattan) has his way.

Johnson, who represents the garment district and also is eyeing a run for mayor, has introduced legislation that would ban the sale of fur apparel in New York City.

The fur ban — co-sponsored by Councilman Mark Levine (D-Manhattan) and Fernando Cabrera (D-Bronx) — is slated to be introduced at the council’s general meeting on Thursday.

The proposed local law would prohibit “the sale of fur apparel.”

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  1. These councilmen apparently want to completely kill any business that is still left standing as of today. They want Manhattan to mirror “Escape from New York” (1981)

  2. Leave it to the communists to confiscate people’s businesses.
    It should be the person’s choice whether they want to wear fur on not. Kind of like abortion, it’s the woman’s choice with no regard for the fetus.
    These libs are a bunch of hypocrites!

  3. One of the most important issues that face our city, fur. Yes, fur that’s what we pay these people to do, chase fur. NYCHA has been going to hell for years – no need to fret the Fed will step in. Let’s complain about a Federal prison is too cold, no worries as it’s a Federal prison beyond our control. Let’s go after a geography fact as facts no longer have a place in our world. Let’s legalize cellar and basement apartments so we can create more and more slum-lords. You need to make $70K or more gross salary to live in a studio, imagine what they’ll ask for when cellars are legal. Let’s forget, entirely, that our infrastructure, transport, and buildings are going to crumble as they are 100+ years old, but not maintenance free. Let’s just knock it all down and put in new instead, the middle class will pay. This isn’t socialism or progressive liberalism, no folks, stupidity, crass, blatant, public stupid has become the only criteria for public office. We is Rome.

  4. I have heard that the stremial is a tax on chasidimm. Eliminating the tax will save chasidimm over $285 . That is real $.

  5. What a שעת השמד, all the gezeiros against Chassidus.

    1) גזירות נגד מציצה בפה

    2) Trying to make them learn English.

    3) Attempt to ban selling of shtreimels.

    When will the war against Chassidus end???

    Inzere Chassidim better all wake up.

  6. Bravo to all the ‘Charaidey’ and ‘Heimishe’ politicians who have been chanfening Corey.

    Time to remember what our great rabbis z”l taught us – כל המחניף לרשע לסוף נופל בידו.

    One rishon (IIRC) even says that flattery is an issur de’oraysa, as the posuk says ולא תחניפו את הארץ.

  7. All you dummies were so busy fighting the anti vaxxers, that your government has slowly but surely stripped you of all your freedoms. Keep letting your government distract you. yup, just keep taking whatever they tell you as the gospel. dumb worthless sheeple.

    • I just love people with one track minds. They will never suprize you. Regardless of the topic or any relevance they will keep blowing their one note horn.

  8. Are we still allowed to wear a kippahs? Not in Quebec. I think we should all hope this New York law is fully resolved. A fur hope is always a good hat.

  9. These councilman have no problem murdering newborn babies but go out in full fledged war when animals are killed. Just like the Nazis who had more compassion on dogs than on people.

  10. In LA there is a ban on selling fur. What do Chassidim do there?

    As far as the ban itself is concerned if the people making it wear leather shoes then they have no right to ban fur

  11. It is extremely important that chassdim be allowed to buy the type of headgear Russian nobles wore when they murdered Jews at the recurring pogroms?
    I thought it is asur to wear goyishe garment.

  12. Someone finally addressed the third most important issue facing NYC, after disposable garbage bags and straws. Now, all New Yorkers will be living in a clean, safe, and very friendly environment, caring for animals and one another. Note: the two footed animals inhabiting NY remain protected species, as they are the ones who elect this type of officials.

  13. All of a sudden abortion becomes an issue. What’s your or anyone’s Buisness what someone does with their body. Just as it’s no ones Buisness about fox’s and shriemels. Both no ones Buisness


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