Shul Selling On eBay “Right to Be Rov” for a Shabbos


torahThe latest interesting Jewish item to go up on sale on eBay auctions is the maftir for Shabbos Nachamu, this Shabbos, in the Beis Tefillah shul in Ramat Bet Shemesh because the rov is away for Shabbos due to a familysimcha. They are calling it “the right to be the rov,” but they have stripped it of everything except the aliyah of maftir Nachamu.

The accompanying description says:

Get a chance to be “The Rav” this Shabbos, Shabbos Nachamu, 5771.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, unless it’s your Bar Mitzvah.

The winner of this quick auction will be called up to Maftir and will say the b’rachos of the Haftorah (actual reading done by a BTYA baal koreh, from a k’laf).

Does not entitle the winner to say a d’rosha.

Winner must be present at BTYA for davening, or must arrange with a Gabbai before Shabbos who should get the aliya, otherwise the gabboim will choose on their own.

In the event of any discrepancy or question that should arise, Rav Malinowitz will be consulted, or, in his absence, Dr. Ari Stern, the head Gabbai will have the final say.

BTYA is located at Nachal Refaim 34 A, RBS

Some other interesting Jewish-themed auctions on eBay have included the Skverer Rebbe’s leftover cakesomeone to dress modestly for a week and leftover cholent.

You can place your bids for maftir Nachamu until 6:47 p.m. this afternoon Israeli time, according to the bidding page.

{Life in Israel, Yair Israel}


  1. Can just imagine the peddler in Caps for Sale!
    Rov for Sale, 50 cents a Rov!!
    There’s got to be something more to the story!

  2. Trying 2B Better- Read the article they are basicly selling maftir. I assume the person who bought it normaly davens there, and like any auction was willing to donate $100 to the shul. The inly quetion is why they did not just auction it off in shul and save the e-bay fees.

  3. Anyone who knows Bais Tfilloh as a shul knows that this is a serious makom torah and their rav is a tremendous talmud chacham. Kudos on the creativ fundraising!

  4. whats have we come to, a little kovod…. doesnt make a difference how much money you make you dont put down the rabbi

    RBS Resident


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