SHUTTERED: Ateres Tzipora of Lakewood Closes

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Just one year after it was saved from being forced to close its doors because of financial issues thanks to the generosity of philanthropist Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, Ateres Tzipora, a school in Lakewood, NJ, with an enrollment of 180 girls in primary through eighth grade, has now announced that it is shuttering its doors due to finances.

For many years, Ateres Tzipora was supported by two families whose daughters attended the school. Eventually, those girls moved on to high school and Ateres Tzipora needed to find new funding. Since then, the school teetered. It all came to a head last year with the approach of the 2019 school year. The school would not be able to open as the fiscal challenge was just too great to overcome. It was then that the aforementioned R’ Rechnitz stepped in. At the time, he committed himself to providing the funding to ensure that Ateres Tziporah would open for the 2018 school year in a timely fashion. At the time, Ateres Tzipora agreed to take in 20 students who were slated to attend Ateres Bais Yaakov, a school that had recently closed.

At this point, however, the school’s financial difficulties and operational challenges are too overwhelming to be surmounted and it will cease to exist.

Ateres Tzipora was a student’s home away from home known for its warmth and acceptance. Ateres Tzipora menaheles Mrs. Shulamith Insel ensured that Ateres Tzipora wasn’t a cookie cutter institution, but an all-inclusive mosad that embraced every talmidah with open arms. Every girl was nurtured in order to maximize her potential, and it made no difference what background she comes from.

Ateres Tzipora is the second Lakewood school to close within a matter of weeks. Just recently, Yesodos High School for Girls also announced its closure.

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  1. The beauty of Bnei Yisrael is that there are so many different types of students with so many different ways of learning. If there is one school with one mode of operation, many will not learn adequately. Even in the times of דור המדבר there was שרי עשרות!

  2. How terribly sad that such a special school run by such kind, dedicated people is now forced to close. Although it only had a relatively short existence, the lessons taught by its teachers, the hashkofa imparted by its mechanchim, the friendships formed between the students over the years they attended as well as the guidance given and good examples set by Mrs. Insel and all the other hardworking dedicates staffers will continue to have a positive influence not just on those who attended Ateres Tzipora, but will also resonate within their future generations, iy”H.
    May they be zoche to continue their good work.

  3. I see a trend that these schools that close only announce in the summer, when it’s difficult to find a new school.


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