Shuvu Dinner to Recognize R’ Meir Porush, R’ Pinchos Lipschutz, R’ Yosef Eisen, & the Jakabovits, Fishman & Motechin Families

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On Sunday, March 19th, Shuvu will hold its annual dinner in Bell Works to support 6000 children attending its 70 schools across Eretz Yisroel. With immigration from Russia and Ukraine at a 23-year high, Shuvu needs Klal Yisroel’s support to make this campaign a success –

Rabbi Pinchos Lipshutz is dinner chairman, whereas R’ Benyamin Drew is journal chairman, with R’ Abe Biderman and R’ Yossi Hoch as campaign chairmen.

Rabbi Meir Porush, the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Jewish Heritage, is International Awardee, and Rabbi Yosef Eisen, Rav of Kollel B’nei Torah, will receive the Rabbinic Leadership Award. 

Highlights also include a special school dedication by R’ Yitzhok Jakabovits and Family, and classroom dedications by Yale Fishman and Family, as well as the Motechin family. The dinner will include prominent Gedolim including Rav Reuven Feinstein shlita and Rav Elya Brudny shlita.

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