Shuvu Nachas Gram: Miri Peretz

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shuvuBy Miri Peretz, Shuvu Chadera

Eyal had just finished his service in the IDF when we met. I knew that the man I would marry would be have to be strong. No, not his muscles, but in his belief and love of Hashem. Eyal certainly fits the bill! We got married 6 weeks ago and I find I am constantly pinching myself to confirm that this is not just a dream!

I just can’t believe that, I, Miri Manshirav (well, actually, now Peretz), am married to a religious boy who learns in Kollel half a day! I grew up in a non-religious house, but went to Shuvu Hadera for grades one through six. I loved the warm and loving atmosphere of school. I was shocked at how uncomfortable I felt when my parents switched me into a Chiloni middle school. It was such a drastic change!

I stayed really close to my sixth grade teacher, Morah Batsheva, and she helped me start keeping Shabbat at that point. I felt like it kind of protected me from all the coldness I was exposed to on a daily basis.

I have always dreamed of becoming somebody like Morah Batsheva. I think she had such an influence on me because she just genuinely loved me and loves Hashem. She kept me anchored all through high school. Luckily, when I graduated, I was able to attend a Midreshia for Baali T’shuvot to learn more and grow into who I am today.

I am forever grateful to Hashem and His assistants- Shuvu and Morah Batsheva. They have lead me on a path that is so fulfilling and rewarding. I am also so appreciative that I have the opportunity to help them continue their mission now by working in the Shuvu Hadera Gan!

miri eyal

At left: Miri and Eyal during sheva brachos

Shuvu is now celebrating its 25th Anniversary since its founding in 1990 by Horav Avrohom Pam zt”l. Over that period there have been many challenges to overcome, but, also a tremendous amount of nachas as we see Rav Pam’s dreams being fulfilled. is proud to present a series of nachas stories told in first person by the participant themselves so that you can see for yourself what Shuvu has been able to accomplish with your help.¬†

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