Shuvu’s 26th Annual Dinner: Dedication L’iluy Nishmas Rabbi Elias Schwartz z”l


Rabbi Elias Schwartz, Shuvu Board Member for decades, was a leading light in the world of chinuch for 50 years. Renowned as an educator’s educator, Rabbi Schwartz taught thousands of boys how to live life as an American Ben Torah.

Today, Rabbi Schwartz’s “boys” are among the most eminent and revered Roshei Yeshiva, Menahalim,  marbitzey Torah and lay leaders. Rabbi Schwartz’s family is dedicating a classroom l’iluy nishmoso at the Annual Dinner.  His involvement with Russian Jewry predated Shuvu by many years: The congregation he led in Bensonhurst, warmly embraced the Russian immigrants living there and Rabbi Schwartz helped the growing Russian community, with the many challenges they faced. His family is dedicating a Shuvu classroom l’iluy nishmoso.



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