Siblings Unite To Save Sister & Mother From Embarrassment

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Yocheved Hominer should be happy.

The young Jerusalem kallah has extensive preparations to attend to before her wedding in March. Her concern however, is not with the cut of her dress, or the location of her chuppah. Her concern is whether she will be able to get married at all.

Chevi’s mother Henya has single-handedly supported her 13 children ever since a car crash nearly killed their father. Pinchas survived, but his brain was severely damaged. Since then she has handled her husband’s extensive daily treatments, as well as the needs of her children, all while earning a modest income. Unfortunately now that Yocheved is engaged, the parents have nothing to offer her.

The young woman is in a humiliating position: She has no way to pay for even a basic wedding, or to set up a modest apartment for married life. In an effort to spare their mother from the pain of not being able to marry off her daughter with dignity, the eldest children of the Hominer family have started a hachnasas kallah fund. Proceeds go toward marrying off Yocheved.

“The wedding is coming soon and nothing is ready,” reads touching campaign text. “I am really starting to feel scared.” It is a far cry from the typical excitement of a kallah.

The fund page also includes a video, where a melancholy Yocheved addresses the camera directly, explaining that they are missing “the most basic necessities.”

Those who wish to join Yocheved and her siblings in this mission to marry her off without embarrassment can do so here for a limited time.


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