SICK: Watch: Democrat Defends Campaign Ad Comparing Trump To Bin Laden

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Democratic House candidate in Virginia compares Trump to Osama bin Laden; candidate Dan Helmer defends his ad on ‘Fox & Friends.’



  1. So the Dems claim “no one is above the law”. If that is truly so, why are criminals Hillary AND Obama AND Mueller AND Comey not in jail?

    The GREATEST THREAT to our DEMOCRACY and to the U.S. are Democrats. They’re all evil and corrupt.

    DOES VIRGINIA ONLY HAVE LOW-LIVES BIN-LADENS AS CANDIDATES? This evil crook should be arrested for accusing an honest person. SHAME ON THE DEMOCRATS for putting out such despicable candidates, the lowest of the low.

  2. Are Democrats so meshugah that they would vote for this kookoorikoo? Are these the kind of candidates for Democrats throughout America? Hashem yerachem! No wonder thousands of Democrats have switched to Trump.


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