SICKENING: Daycare Manager Charged With 18 Counts Of Child Abuse, Police Release Shocking Video


A daycare manager from central Israel was indicted on Sunday on 18 counts of child abuse of nearly a dozen toddlers and infants who were under her care, days after shocking footage of the violence sparked protests across the country.

Carmel Mauda, 25, who ran the Baby Love center in Rosh Ha’ayin, was accused of systematic violence against 11 children, three months to three years old, between May 27 and June 16.

According to the charge sheet, Mauda would “on numerous occasions” attack the children, including covering them with blankets and sitting on them to prevent them from moving; tying up a child “for minutes to hours”; lifting the toddlers by the arms and throwing them to the ground; shaking babies; forcing children to stand, facing a wall, for hours; hitting the toddlers with diapers, slapping them, and pulling their heads back while obstructing their breathing.

According to Hebrew media reports, Mauda initially denied abusing the children. But when she was presented with the filmed evidence, she told investigators, “I am a monster,” and “I was Satan here.”

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Monster indeed. Poor children. She should be beaten like they were. Here jail cellmates should be shown this clip and let them do as they please. Curious how the camera was placed there.

  2. she also is seen making a child who threw up eat his throw up. One oft he parents who had two kids by her in over the years said that she used to marvel how wonderful she was that every time a child got a boo boo she would call the parent before the kid came home to let her know that the child fell and got hurt so she shouldn’t worry; and that was her way of covering up what she did to them. she even gained praise for it. But all I can say is this; when I see the publics outrage about this which is totally understandable I still have a non sympathetic feeling simply because when that special needs bachur was beaten up by police a few weeks ago while totally not understanding why and what he did; he did nothing. Wiith a bloody nose while the police continued to physically assault him, that helpless boy had noone protesting for him. None of these civil advocates cared when another child who has no way of defending himself albeit a bit older was harmed too.

    • And what about that Ethiopian teenager who was killed by a cop just “for fun” last week and then blamed the teenager for his violence? Zionists at their best.


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