Sign: The Honking Crisis and Gezel Sheinah

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  1. Ok only problem is there’s no such thing as גזל שינה it may be a problem of בין אדם לחבריו but גזל שינה is a made up thing

  2. What a stupid sign. Is the guy apologizing or is he giving mussar to others? He doesn’t leave his name or phone #. Is he trying to show off? Is this what Matzav has been reduced to?

  3. יש מקור לזה בפסוק מפורש בתורה שבכתב – ואהבת לרעך כמוך

    חז”ל אומרים ע”ז מה דעלך סאני לחברך לא תעביד

    אפילו נכרי בימי קדם באשקלון, ושמו דמא בן נתינה, הבין שאין מקיצין אדם בתוך שינתו

  4. Only [Rude] New Yorkers continuously honk their horns for no reason whatsoever. This is a New York phenomenon, specifically, a Brooklyn/Manhattan/Williamsburg phenomenon. Attention New Yorkers: horn honking is unacceptable outside of your small congested area.

    I’ve noticed that New York also has another idiosyncrasy that you see only in New York, Cow Crossing. Whether the light is green, red or orange New Yorkers wander off the sidewalks into the street in all directions like a herd of cows to get to where they’re going. Mooooooooooooo! In civilized areas of the country (i.e. outside of New York) this is unaceptable and may lead to a J-Walking citation.

  5. To Fammisht:

    You need a new pair of glasses. The sign was posted in Lakewood, about Lakewood. For your information, Lakewood just so happens to be in the State of New Jersey. Get your geography correct. And by the way, those that honk in NYC, are mostly out of towners from New Jersey.
    As far as people wandering onto the road, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Why don’t you go back to your underground bunker at your farm?

  6. To all these big ‘talmidie chachomim’ out there, I heard many years from an Odom Godol a famous Rosh Hayeshiva, that there is such a thing as ‘gezel shina’ and he added that this is one gezaila that can’t be paid back. This is something every one of us has to teshuva for.


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