‘Silent’ Neurological Damage Caused By COVID-19 May Lead To Future Health Problems

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Researchers have identified three stages of neurological deficits caused by the coronavirus. Because many of them can be easily missed by medical providers, researchers suggests hospitalized COVID-19 patients undergo a brain MRI.

When a patient is admitted to the hospital with respiratory distress related to COVID-19, the critical care team is focused on life-saving measures and may miss more subtle signs of neurological damage that can lead to longterm problems, according to a new medical paper.

Strokes and brain hemorrhages in COVID-19 patients have been well-documented in studies, but milder neurological damage often can be missed by health care providers, said Dr. Majid Fotuhi, medical director of NeuroGrow Brain Fitness Center in Northern Virginia.

That is why his research team recommends all hospitalized COVID-19 patients undergo a brain MRI before they are discharged. Doing so will help doctors catch any “silent” deficits.

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  1. This ‘Silent’ Neurological Damage is from the Covid-19 vaccine they tested on voluntary idiots. The same brain damage or other neurological disorders as caused by other vaccination.

  2. Basically, this article states that hospitals miss the stroke diagnosis. Hence, always make sure that the hospital does a stroke test/scan/MRI/etc whenever applicable. In general, even before the covid19 outbreak, the contemporary doctors are trained to be the protocol-oriented mindless-robots, and following the protocols they often don’t diagnose a stroke until days later, at which point it’s too late as the one day long window to salvage a stroke damage is gone, and then a permanent brain damage sets in. Basically, always be on top of the doctors when your loved one is hospitalized, for any illness. Obviously, your knowledge is very limited if you are not a medical specialist in that particular area, but do your best to educate yourself, always request a second opinion whenever possible, request not to be treated by the residents, choose the better hospitals, and don’t be a complacent establishment-trusting little fool – be always polite but annoyingly micro-managing, and they will do as you request just to stop you from raising their blood pressure. For the establishment, you are just a statistic. Choose to fight for your individual rights; don’t become a statistic.

  3. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that 4 months locked in your house with all the children and then being forced to walk on the street with a chokeable mask causes neurological damage. But it still doesn’t tell us what Covid-19 is?

  4. I hope none of you get this . Intelligent commentators above. They also said in the 1930s hitler couldnt do mass murder so they didnt leave. They were also smart

  5. Based on the comments above, one is left to believe that many of the authors of these comments have been suffering from neurological damage long before the advent of the coronavirus.

  6. Politicians are able to lose brain function despite having no obvious disease except lust for power. The same goes for politicized professionals.


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