Simon Wiesenthal Center Denounces Neo-Nazi Symbols in Midwood

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swastikaThe Simon Wiesenthal Center has strongly condemned the recent propagation of hate symbols in Midwood, where numerous Neo-Nazi markings were found covering walls and sidewalks along Ave K, between East 12th and East 16th Streets.

Rabbi Steve Burg, Eastern Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center said: “Seeing something so closely aligned with Neo-Nazi symbols in the heart of a Jewish community, it is clear to us that whoever is responsible was trying to send a very strong message of hate. We condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms and urge that all efforts be made to fully investigate this incident and put an end to such hateful actions. 70 years after the Holocaust, it is very scary to see these symbols in America. Our fight against Anti-Semitism, racism and bigotry is far from over. Actions like we saw today make that abundantly clear.”

Rabbi Burg concluded by saying, “The Museum of Tolerance New York stands ready to offer its assistance towards any efforts to overcome this act of hateful bigotry.”

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  1. It is not so simple as some people may think. If one sees the actual symbols, as shown on News 12 report, and comments that people made there (as opposed to the photo shown here, which is different), one will see that what is involved are not regular swastikas, rather symbols that are similar, but not the same. Some are connected to a rapper that died, etc.

    It is not proper to mislead and alarm people by giving them the wrong impression as to what kind of symbols are involved, even if an org./individual makes parnossoh from it!

    Actually, if you read carefully, are medayek in the Wiesenthal center rep. statement above, you will see that it doesn’t say that they are neo-nazi symbols, but rather “so closely aligned with Neo-Nazi symbols” – but not actually the same.

    Please let us have a clear picture from the scene, not an old stock photo from elsewhere, or an unclear description, that confuse and alarm people.


  2. THIHS IS 2 BLOCKS AWAY FROM THE ‘CHIRSITIAN PEOPLES MINISTRIES” who opned up on coney island ave 3 months ago,which is dressed up to look like a shul with xtians dressed like rabbis standing outside inviting yeshiva students inside for lunch and ‘torah ‘learning’.
    Boro Park just is having an issue with a young girl secretly dating a goy and engaged to him surprising her ‘FRUM’ parents.
    No longer are we insulated by little “ghetto” pockets in recesses of Brooklyn or New Jersey.

    Hashem WILL test us more and more every day until we recognize that it is our job to open our eyes,not stay silent that it ‘doesnt concern me,its the other peoples fight.

    You must wake up to the realities in THIS WORLD.You must not be silent again.You must educate yourself and your children about the realities…walk in groups,learn to defned yourself like the maccabees, put up signs on lamp posts warning of the missionaries, demonstrate in front of your councilemans office for protection and jail time for the FIRST TIME OFFENDER.Do Not let them get away
    from abusing us, not mentally not physically.
    Do Not be intimidated, do not run do not hide.
    Teach your children to trust their instincts when approached with ‘frim looking people’ asking questions of their faith,religion even directions…teach them to RUN AWAY….

    EVERY STUDENT SHOULD TAKE SELF PROTECTION CLASSES. Many do and are willing to teach the kids for free…Years ago I did teach wself defence to a group of yeshiva students playing ball every sunday who were being harrassed by a group of haters, and after 6 months those yeshiva students were good enough that the nazis never came back.


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