Sinai Academy to Open On Time Thanks to Supporters

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sinai academyBrooklyn, NY – Sinai Academy has announced that thanks to help it has received both on and offline, it will open on time for its students this year.

“Although, Boruch Hashem, we will be opening on time there is still work that must be done to benefit our students,” said Rabbi Aryeh Katzin, founder of Sinai. “We need to install new windows as our current windows are over 100 years old and create frigid conditions during the winter. We need to build a new classroom to accommodate the new influx of students this year. We need to purchase more student desks, smartboards etc. to meet our increased enrollment.”

The school is thriving and growing.

“The Sinai staff, in the Jewish and secular departments are extremely dedicated,” said Rabbi Katzin. “Sinai Academy provides its students with a rich Jewish heritage and a Torah inspired life which rightfully belongs to them yet they have been deprived of it for so many years.

“Sinai makes sure they have courses that will allow them to achieve their goals. When students see how far we’ll go to put their needs first, they’ll push themselves to perform to their maximum ability.”

The proof is in the graduates. Although they go on to lead very successful lives, they stay connected to their rabbeim and teachers who continue to be involved in their lives, guiding them and advising them.

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