Singer Avraham Fried Turned Down Embassy Invite Due To Prior Commitment

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Legendary singer Avraham Fried turned down an invitation to sing the Shehecheyanu during the US Embassy transfer ceremony because he had already been booked for an event in Nahalal.

“I told them I would very much like to come, but there’s a place called Nahalal and that’s where I will be performing! I arrived here this morning, and I’m so happy to be with you here,” Fried said to a crash of applause.

“I must say that I was in Israel many times, Baruch Hashem, but the joy and history that you feel in the air everywhere in this country is impossible to describe to my brothers in America.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Tremendous. Kiddush Hashem. Me kiamcha yisroel? Kol yisroel araivim ze luzeh. Kol hamaaver al midosuf… Aleph bais gimmal… Tzaddik. Kadosh. Mashiach. What time is Shachris?


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