Singing from the Heart: Footage Catches Singer Motty Steinmetz Shedding Tears During Performance (Video, Photos)

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  1. It is sad how fake ppl are that if someone actually Does mean what he’s saying it becomes Breaking news.
    This does not shock me at all this is a quality that I have seen in motty from the first time I heard him sing is his Timimus and understanding of what he says in his songs.
    Keep it up motty my best singer even though I have never met you.

  2. ” penetrating”
    In the inner depth admired by our entire family for his incredible deeds
    helping choyla yisroel in so many ways just by arriving to our grandfather when he was struggling
    with every breath of life
    he would just ask :” sing me A Heartwarming Song” From Motty Steinmetz
    it is the heart and voice penetrating the inner soul of klal yisroel no reason the crucial moment converted to the most tremendous dosage of emunah .. Although we live in the America and have never met him before our appreciation is @ greatest alert … May Hakusih Baruch Heu repay with everything .. The Z. family of brooklyn ny

  3. Truly appropriate for us we admire this singer Motty since the qualifications encountered he sings appropriate songs full fo chizzuk and connection to hakudish baruch hu flows directly into the neshumah as a burst of chizzuk speaks way stronger than a song of jazzy music and that is ” for what we admire him ” for his hartzige melodies & blessed voice.
    blatantly a burst of emunah….
    thank you

  4. I admitt

    Was always wondering why my two siblings
    were so carried away by this singer motty during sefira the entire collection is being song I decided to engage my spirit
    and before you know the spirit is in something way more than ordinary it embarks us to outpour our connection to nigunah With a tremendous dosage of inspiration the teniyas and heart tackles the neshumah no reason why
    he is the greatest star in our entire family ……..and by choyle yisroel thank you the hartzige nigginim certainly storm the heavens we are fortunate to encounter todays day a singer who carries such ahavas yisroel truly !remarkable!
    with gratitude

  5. Wow
    admiration when a person is so pure what a kvod shmayim we are all in dismality none in this world
    has what they need all are yearning for the arrival of moshiach “this is just a beautiful inspiration
    from the strinis of the neshumah

    thanks for posting it nine bist keinmool nisht oline is what keeps going in the darkness of the gulis.


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