Six Hundred People And This Is Only The Begining

2018 is the year for Mifal Torah Vodaath.
Fired up with a renewed enthusiasm, the descendants of Reb Binyomin Wilhelm are stepping up to the plate, hosting parlor meetings throughout Lakewood, to support Mifals mission of Kiruv through Chinuch in Eretz Yisroel.
More than six hundred people have come forward the past five weeks to contribute to Mifal so they can continue the various programs they run, all designed to imbue a love for  Torah and Yidishkeit in the most troubled youths in Eretz Yisroel.
You too can join the movement. Stay tuned for a parlor meeting in your neighborhood. We are making headway and going strong, connecting Jewish youth to Torah values.
Past Hosts: Rabbi & Mrs. A.D. Greenberg, Rabbi & Mrs. Chanoch Zundel Herskowitz, Rabbi & Mrs. Nachman Weinberg, Rabbi & Mrs. Aharon Herskowitz and Rabbi & Mrs. Moshe Kilberg


  1. Mifal is a GREAT moisad!
    I’v seen their work while living a year in EY.
    They are mekarev children like none other!
    פיקוח נפש ממש


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