Sixth and Final Body Found At Site Of Tel Aviv Garage Collapse


A sixth body was found on Shabbos at the site of the garage collapse in Tel Aviv, bring the rescue mission to a sad close.

The four-story underground facility collapsed on Monday.

The name of the last victim has not yet been released.

Only three of the six have been identified for the public. They are 60-year-old Oleg Yakubov from Tel Aviv, 28-year old Dennis Diatzniko, a Ukrainian national, and 34-year-old Ihad Ajhaj from Bayt Rima.

In addition to the fatalities, over 20 people were wounded when the lot under construction in the Ramat Hachayal neighborhood crumbled. Some 250 Homefront Command soldiers were assisted by the military’s Oketz canine unit and numerous members of police and emergency services in the frantic rescue effort over the last five days.

Excavation machines were deployed to the site once rescue teams had made their way to the bottom of the rubble.

An investigation is underway to determine who exactly is to blame for the tragedy at the lot, which was last inspected in June and found to contain no significant flaws.

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David Steger – Israel


    • That is bad pay! Minimum wage for six days of intensive, difficult work in the Middle Eastern summer (makes New York look good), long shifts, and at risk of their own lives. If you think it’s so great, בבקשה, learn the trade and join them. You’ll make minimum wages, risk your life, and save some lives, while dealing with accident and terror victims (and some perpetuators…).

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