Siyum Hashas at Met Life Stadium in August Called “Ideal Kosher Opportunity”

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metlife-stadiumEast Rutherford, NJ — On August 1st, more than 90,000 Jews are expected to fill MetLife Stadium for the 12th Siyum Hashas of the Daf Yomi. At least 60,000 others will be tuned into the event via a live satellite hookup that organizers say will involve some 70 locations.

The sponsors, Agudath Israel of America, are reaching out to the kosher community as an unprecedented opportunity to reach 150,000 primary kosher consumers.

The celebration which had previously been in such arenas as Madison Square Garden, Nassau Coliseum and Continental Arena (today the Izod Center) marks the conclusion of Shas, which takes seven and a half year to complete. Tens of thousands of Jews participate in the program in study groups throughout the world.

Rabbi Shlomo Gertzulin of Agudath Israel said: “As the largest gathering in the world of Orthodox Jews, it is an ideal opportunity for the kosher community to reach their primary customers.”

Rabbi Gertzulin said that the organization was offering various sponsorship opportunities as well as advertising in the Program Book that will be read by tens of thousands.

{Menachem Lubinsky/ Newscenter}


  1. before the siyum hashas there will be another asifa with an equal impact of mass jews. the internet asifa at citi field which promises to have over 41,000 seats filled. they are expecting to sell out the whole stadium for the internet asifa

  2. I don’t think “the largest gathering in the world of orthodox jews” is an accurate description. Certain gatherings such as levayos of g’dolay hador lo alainu in E”Y were in the hundreds of thousands.

  3. To #1
    Matzav won’t report on the Asifa because they are scared that they will Assur their website along with the others! Matzav is all about cover up!

  4. Just please, all attendees, remember to be cordial to the parking lot attendants, the ticket takers, vendors, and all who are working the venue. A little smile, a “thank you”, even a nod goes a long way for kiddush H’. And its just plain nice to show a little appreciation.

  5. They have every right to get sponsorships, i think this article was taken out of context
    200,000 people is definately the largst event in modern jewish history…between hook-ups and met life stadium.

  6. No one reached the punch-line. As someone flying in to LaGuardia at 5:45, renting a car and going straight to the siyum, all with my 12 year old son, I need to know — will be there be food at this shindig or not?


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