Siyum HaShas – For Women?

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As the Torah world readies itself for the 13th siyum hashas this upcoming January, a group of women are planing their own event to celebrate the end of the seven year cycle that covers the entire Shas, one Daf at a time.

The women’s event is scheduled for Sunday, January 5, 2020 at Binyanei Ha’uma in Yerushalayim. The event is being hosted by Daf Yomi 4 Women, an organization that offers daily Gemara shiurim for women.

For those who haven’t followed the full cycle, there will be a full completion of Shas at the event. Each participant will receive a page they will study, and together they will all jointly finish Shas term.

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  1. Not for our camp.
    Siyum is for a Metzuveh VaOseh .
    The Gem. Sotah 20 says that the zechus of a the sotah`s torah learning is not great enough to stave her from the effects of the mei sotah only her assisting her son(s) in learning .
    Like Rav Yosef said whomever will rule that an enio metzuveh is greater I will make a YT .
    Shlomo HaMelech who was a koton was asi lechlal chiyuv and like hevel piv shel tinokes shel beis raban

  2. we say in the siyum ובזכות כל התנאים ואמוראים יעמוד לי ולזרי ולזרע זרי עד עולם i think that for these avaryanos the tannaim and ammoraim will make such a rash gadol in front of the kissei hakavod on the bizayon of their torah which is toras hashem, and a zilzul for the torah hakedosha v`lomdeha,that by the time the next siyum hashas comes around there probably wont be any left to be machriv yiddishkeit

  3. It’s just like the men’s siyum, except they change the wording to the following:
    שאנו עמלים והם עמלים. אנו עמלים ואיננו מקבלין שכר והם עמלים ומקבלים שכר

  4. i wonder if these woman keep all the mitzvos incumbent upon women before they move to the men’s side. if they do, then so what? is tznius important? is raising children a priority? is sholom bayis part of their lives? do they encourage their husband to study torah? if this is how they spend their spare time, why is it so terrible even if some of us think it’s ridiculous?

  5. I just googled their org, because i didn’t believe such a thing could be, and they have a website with shuirim starting in July 2012. I guess they are finishing the cycle… who knew this is what would be… very feminist in my book…


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