Skulener Rebbe Cancels Trip to London

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skulener-rebbeThe Skulener Rebbe has cancelled his scheduled trip to London, England, to attend a large gathering to address the dangers of technology.

The asifa tonight is being coordinated by Rav Efrayim Padwa’s Kedasia Bais Din.

The Skulener Rebbe’s family says that due to weakness, the Rebbe will not be able to attend the event as first planned. Instead, he is sending his son, Rav Efrayim Yehuda Portugal, rov of the Skulener kehillah of Monsey, in his stead.

The technology event, to be held in the Stamford Hill section of London, follows the Citi Field Stadium event held in New York a few months ago.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. stay safe & don’t hurt your neshama

    by enjoying the amazing technology that Hashem made BUT only what you need. i.e. a cell phone but not an i phone with all the tumah C”V internet but only email & other IMPORTANT NEEDS to get you through with todays generation of internet & technology


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