Skverer Rebbe to Gerrer Rebbe: Cell Phone is ‘Yeitzer Hara of the Generation’

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skverer-rebbeDuring his visit this past week to the United States, the Gerrer Rebbe met with numerous rabbonim and admorim, including Rav Yosef Rosenblum, Rav Yechezkel Roth, Rav Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar, Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum of Satmar, Rav Bentzion Halberstam of Bobov, Rav Mordechai Dovid Ungar of Bobov and the Munkatcher Rebbe.

The Rebbe, who was supposed to remain until the end of the week, departed earlier than scheduled due to his wife’s ill health, as first reported here on The Rebbetzin had been hospitalized in Ichilov Hospital, but has since been released.

gerrer-rebbeJust hours before the Rebbe headed to Kennedy Airport for his flight home, the Rebbe met with the Skverer Rebbe in New Square. The two admorim discussed several matters during their brief meeting. One of the topics they discussed is the spiritual dangers of various modern devices, including cell phones.

The Skverer Rebbe related that a number of regulations have been introduced in the kehillah regarding the need to use kosher cell phones.

The Gerrer Rebbe responded with words of encouragement in this effort.

Calling the cell phone “the yeitzer harah of this generation,” the Skverer Rebbe told the Gerrer Rebbe that shortly, his kehillah would be releasing a new kosher phone that would have several security features, including the inability to send text messages.

“Hashem should help you be matzliach,” the Gerrer Rebbe responded.

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  1. To #2, there obviously were chidushei Torah being mechadesh, but since we bums and low lives are constantly wasting our time on the web, it is appropiate that the message the Rebbe relay to us be straight forward. If you want chidushei torah, go to a beis medrash.

  2. I just can not believe that this is what HASHEM considers the yetzar hara of our generation. Give children a foundation of pride and emunah the the building will be less shaky.

  3. To # 4. (“Reality Check),
    You are in great need of a reality check, the yetzer hora can attack and bring down the strongest foundations, remember Yochanon the Kohen Gadol who served for 80 yrs in the beis hamikdash? That was a pretty good foundation but it wasn’t enough…

  4. In my conjecture, I semblance the exigency to divulge into the unsuble fact that the internet and its ability to enmesh ones lucidity. Hours upon hours can be consumed by this incongruous device. Jewish children should be indulging their minds in torah oriented affairs. However, the dexterity to communicate through hand held devices is genius. The yetzer hora of our swamped generation is indeed loshon hara, tziniut, honesty. To preach about such trifiling topics is certainly a waste of our time and teshuva. We should adjust our mindset to the AUTHENTIC yetzer hora of all generations. I understand that anything such as a cellular phonet is harrowing at a certain sickening degree. There are those who have reached that level in which the “blackberry” is their avoda zara. Removing ones phone in the duration of tefilah is a stage in which so many unfortunatly can relate too.
    “Too much of anything will harm you in the end”
    -Tori Amos

  5. Women: The torah say below your knee, not in middle.
    Men: Blackberrys stay in the pockets OFF during davening. Hashem likes your blackberry, he could take it away.
    Children: Bring Mashiach, lets go.

  6. I do agree that text messaging is an issue and so is the internet but at what point do we make people responsible for their actions as oppossed to ossering everything? In this world there is good and bad and not all that we deem bad is bad. A car can be used for chesed, simchas or to go to an inappropriate place, what about a home phone, or writing letters. If a yid wants to do bad, he or she will, ossering everything deminishes us to mere children. I don’t think Hashem wants us to be robots he wants us to make choices.

  7. hey number 7- is it my fault that my high school didn’t teach us english???? att: moderators ; you mind translating her post…. i have a feeling some of the above are made up words

  8. I do apologize for the use of vocabulary words in my post. I was trying to indulge in the fact that I believe internet and its unlimited access is killing the children of this generation. A cell phone is a mere device of communication. However, anything used to a sick degree is bad. Candy, cell phones, clothing, money, food. Anything, for that matter. I agree with #11.


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