Slanderous Anti-Frum Blogger Says Goodbye, Chareidi World Says Good Riddance

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The FailedMessiah blog, run by Scott (Shmarya) Rosenberg, is closing after 12 years of serving as clearinghouse for news bent on slandering and destroying the frum community.

In a lengthy farewell post, Rosenberg said that he was leaving the site to “work on anti-poverty issues.” He wrote that the site would continue to be run by an entity called “Diversified Holdings.” It is not clear who that is or whether the anti-chareidi venom will continue to be spewed by the horrific blog.

Scott Rosenberg was born in 1958. He became observent and joined Chabad-Lubavitch, but he later left the movement and became critical of Orthodox Judaism.

Rosenberg grew up in a Conservative Jewish non-observant family in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where his parents operated a beauty supply company.

Rosenberg was active in Jewish student politics at the University of Minnesota and served several years as an executive of the North American World Union of Jewish Students. He became a baal teshuvah and joined Chabad, abandoning his former ambitions, one of which was to become a songwriter. He was an observant Jew for the next 20 years. He also owned a kosher butcher shop in the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis and studied to become a rabbi.

Rosenberg became disenchanted with Chabad in 2004 after allegedly discovering an unsigned and unsent letter addressed to him, responding to his request for Chabad aid in the effort to rescue the Jews of Ethiopia. This resulted in the creation of his blog, Failed Messiah. Presently, he describes himself as a secular Jew.

Observers in the frum community say that there is perhaps no website or blog that has caused has much damage to the frum community as Rosenberg’s, who slandered communities and individuals with impunity, stopping at nothing when he had an opportunity to spread a negative story about anyone in the Jewish community, in the Diaspora or Israel. He allowed the posting of profanity-filled comments replete with anti-Jewish stereotypes and lies.

Why he is leaving his blog is not clear.

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  1. do you have any idea how many people had no idea that this blog existed before you ran this story. why would you run a story like this.

    • The difference is Scott knows he was doing the wrong thing whereas Matziv thinks they are doing G-d’s work Hashem Yishmor. They are Mareh Tilafav Viomer Tihora Ani

  2. For the most part I am a big fan of Matzav however I an very
    Dissapointed that you would run this story many readers had no idea about hI’m and why give him any coverage he’s a blogger with a one track mission

  3. Matzav needs to improve its discretion when deciding which stories should be posted. Quite frankly, you’re starting to turn into a feckless tabloid.

  4. I know for certain that Scott will see this story on Matzav and will read these comments:
    He was clearly paid off to go away, but that’s fine. He aint no saint and he will get his comeuppance achar meiah vesrim.

  5. How can you say most people didn’t know he existed? I for one believe that a lot of people did hear about his blog and knew very well that he existed. Anytime something happened in the religious community his blog reported on it and blew that issue, episode, story out of proportion. I am very pleased that Matzav reported this.

  6. He’s a bad man not only because of what he posted, but because of his own comments on the site. You can feel the intense hatred he has for religious Jews. He was anything but lsheim shomayim. It was revenge and hatred. Nothing good came fromn him.

  7. I think his blog was very beneficial to the frum community as it communicated communal shortcomings that were not addressed in any other forum and that we need to do Teshuva on. Although you might find it offensive in terms of the language and in terms of the criticism, the fact of the matter remains that many of the criticisms were on the mark and unfortunately deserved. The first step in Teshuva is admitting and naming the sin. We should thank Hashem for the gift of the internet in that it gives us the opportunity to rectify many long hidden, unjust, and unholy practices. Thank you Mr Rosenberg for your many years of service and sacrifice to Klal Yisroel.

    • I hope you are being sarcastic, if not, how do you explain the prohibition of Loshon Hora? If it is incumbent upon all to expose those that sin, should it not be a Mitzvah to speak Loshon Hora? I guess you know better than the Chofetz Chaim

  8. To the commentators above: Why are you blaming Matzav here??? They are not promoting or publicizing oradvertising this rasha’s blog!!! They are reporting important news, which is important for the frum Torah world to be aware of, to better protect ourselves. Knowledge & awareness yield power. If a person does not want to know the news, he doesn’t need to read it. Matzav is bringing us appropriate & important news, & we need to show them some hakoras hatov instead of criticizing them. They bring us important news, & in my observation, they do use a lot of discretion & are very respectful in doing so. We need to appreciate that. They work hard, & fill a need that nobody else is doing any better. They try to do their job properly. Nobody can please all of the people all of the time. Why do so many people feel the need to judge negatively here? This is not some anti-frum website! These are our brothers & sisters helping us! We need to be appreciative & respectful. Please think about this. Thank you.

  9. I agree completely that his blog was filled with destruction and venom for the frum community. I will also say, though not in his defense, that if we would stop burying some of these horrible happenings people like him wouldn’t be so desperate to expose them.

  10. Everyone has their own journey, their own path and their own pain along the way. Problem with the internet is issues that should be dealt with privately become public domain, misconstrued and blown out of proportion. I don’t know if there is any way to undo the damage (like the feathers in the pillow story) but I hope he finds his peace and uses his skill for better things.

  11. He wrote a letter to the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1990 complaining that Chabad isn’t dealing with the Ethiopian issue. The Rebbe wrote a lengthy response but subsequently withheld it for some unknown reason and it was never publicized until years later a Chabad magazine got a hold of it and published it causing Shmarya to go into a rage.
    Seems the Rebbe knew what he was doing by not sending it…

  12. Bash away, guys, but a lot of what he had to say was true. Wake up people! Time to open our eyes and deal with our issues, not just ignore them or talk about them.

    • The news he reported may have been true but his additional commentary and spin was purely venomous with no intent on helping anybody. The amount of people and communities he slandered for no constructive purpose is simply horrible.

  13. all people that cause others to hear slander against another fellow yid is a mumar l davar echod and a mumar to the entire torah and FAILED!!!!!!

  14. Rabeinu Yonah writes that those who are dan likaf zechus a rasha have wickedness in their souls, and it is a fireproof method of sniffing out who a person truly is. (Imagine someone writing…although Hitler was evil…you must understand…that kind of talk says a lot about you).

    So anyone who commented about how his blog serves a purpose, or how, although he is bad…you need to understand yada yada yada….you have proven yourself to be someone who loves the sickest evils.

    This man is one of the worst people alive today and who by the way looks very sick, both physically and mentally.

    Nothing good comes from playing devils advocate or beating around the bush when it comes to Nazis, terrorists or bloggers that spread gossip and ruin peoples lives on a daily basis.

    And Scott, if you are reading this, which you probably are, make like a roll of Scott toilet paper and flush yourself out of everyone’s lives. No one will miss you. Go!

  15. He wroter the following:

    New Look For FailedMessiah
    The new design for FailedMessiah that you’re seeing now is something I’ve been working on with Typepad for a few months. It’s meant to make the site easier to read and to stop some of the occasional loading issues that were, Typepad believes, caused in part or in whole by aspects of the old site design. The new design is about 90% finished, but because there were some loading issues this morning, I asked Typepad to activate it so the site will (hopefully) work smoothly and ease its transition. The new Diversified staff will probably begin posting tonight or early tomorrow. Again, thank you all for reading and for your comments. I will miss all of you and wish you all the best. – Shmarya.

  16. Matzav has clearly started to assume the role of a richilus website. Posting this would now direct readers to a site they may have never visited, but now will out of curiosity. Shame on this site.

  17. It’s not completely shut down, as he announced today, that he was working on new features 2 the site. So I don’t understand y 1st he said that he is shutting it down, then the next day we find out that he has fixed up the site & added new things. Obviously it’s not so simple that he is shutting down completely, & if it was when u type in the site, u would get a message, that “this site no longer exists”. Obviously there is more going on here than we really know.

  18. Rights were not his fortè.

    He missed the journalism calling. All yellow journalism.

    He is probably not to me a threat to the jewish community but I am just glad he is moving to maybe somthing better. It is sad to see a jewish neshama wasted on his own indecent limited hope for Torah.

    Failed Messiah fails. Cheap but good headline.


  19. What a chotei umachti es harabim. Ain lo chelek laolam haba. Pretty pathetic how becoming frum led him to avoda zara ultimately causing him to be a rodef and sonai das.
    He and his blogs will perish with all the other poshei yisrael and am yisrael lo yeshaker

  20. “Matzav needs to improve its discretion when deciding which stories should be posted. Quite frankly, you’re starting to turn into a feckless tabloid.”

    Hear, hear!

  21. From the comments written above, it seems there are many from unzera that read his garbage. I am honestly saddened. There is a clear Halacha that Lashon Harah and Rchilus is both on speech and writing, both on listening and reading. One who reads his words transgresses a sin that is compatible to the three cardinal sins with every story and comment he reads. How sad that this seemingly has become rampant.

  22. At least Scott knows he did bad things. Matziv thinks they are doing G-d’s work, Hashem Yishmor. They are Mareh Tlafav Viomer Tihora Ani

  23. Could you believe this guy was real? A failed messiah web site? If G-d ever had the certain future to give us the rights of good hope for our people, the L-rd would not fail and his servant Jacob would always be faithful.

    Rosenberg is a sadist who has no idea that G-d is real. He thinks that the Torah scroll is read with a red yad and a broken tune of poor minded guilt.

    Seriously though, if you do not like to think he can find the faults in some communities, miss no mark. He was all over his scandals and his crazy event descriptions.

    His worth was not a pilot in the dream of torah. He was more likely a bad day looking for a cheap satellite to spin his wizardry of his own limited dream.

    Sad to know his experiences were not entirely nice with the Chabad. I think that ultimately, if the Chabad has reasons why it may not be perfect for all of the orthodox, there may be a reason why this spin off of the worried became a simple sensation of the worried.

    The yellow journalism was not the statement to the blind, but the world was indeed his yellow shepherd. If Moses was here, he would seat Shmarya with Korach. Probably he did not however get eaten up. Still, the world is his fate for picking a bum future for his bad day. So long and good riddance to the yellow.

  24. Shmarya Rosenberg is the grandson of Leon Gleckman, who was a member of the Mafia. He says he never met his grandfather but he certainly will join him in Gehenom one day! He is a rosho who apparently descends from a rosho. His grandfather was involved with horrible crimes including murder. Nevertheless, Shmarya Rosenberg feels he is the man to point fingers at every imagined wrong doing in our community. A lot of what he reports is just that — imagined and skewed. In fact, I know for a fact that he blocked comments that might prove his agenda different to what he continues to spew. I for one, don’t believe this chillul Hashem will ever be gone. A rosho simply cannot and will not stop!

    • Fantastic that you unceasingly engage in ad hominem without specifically refuting any of the facts he posted. The gehenom that you refer to is the here and now for those who pretend to live lives of goodness, decency, charity, and ethics….imo

      • Much of what Shmarye spewed was his warped viewpoint. And, he was very nasty and rude about it. Never a gentleman. For example, his ridiculous notion that Boro Park must put up a public women’s Sukkah and not just a men’s Sukkah and just how bad the community is for not spending thousands of dollars to erect such a Sukkah. Surely, he knows the women in Boro Park have no need for a public Sukkah and wouldn’t use it if it was there. This is but one of his many awful positions. He is a massive chillul Hashem who likely caused more damage than any good he might have done.

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