‘SLAUGHTER THE JEWS:’ Section Of The Kosel Defaced With Graffiti

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“Slaughter the Jews” was spray painted on the Kotel HaKatan, a section of the Kosel located in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Yerushalayim.

The vandalism took place on Saturday. The graffiti, written in Arabic, was covered with more red paint to hide its message.

At least one Arab girl was arrested in connection with the incident.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. The Israeli government must let the perpetrators go. If they are incarcerated, it will only inflame the already tense relationship.

  2. Just more evidence that the Arabs have had long term goals of annihilation of the Jews. Nothing changed except that they lost the wars of attempting to carry out their goal. We gave up land – beautiful land- for them, and they turned it into a battle zone of destruction for their own people as well. These people live and breathe hate. The peaceful ones, leave the murder to those designated for terror.
    G-D gave the land to the Jewish people who welcome all into their land with opportunity to prosper. Arabs are ungrateful. They want it all. And don’t be surprised if those peaceful Arabs in America turn on Americans as well. The stand have so much land to welcome these so called Palestinian refugees. No they are NOT the victims. That is their ploy. Pity you don’t get it. “Be kind to the Evil, and you land up being evil to the Kind.” The self hating Jews are in for a big surprise. They are also being used by the Evil ones.


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