‘Slice Open the Enemy’s Chest’ Sung Repeatedly During Fatah Congress Broadcast

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The six-day conference of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction, which came to a close on Sunday, was accompanied by the repeated broadcasting on official PA TV of a song calling for the violent annihilation of the Jewish state, a Jerusalem-based research organization reported on Monday.

According to the Palestinian Media Watch report, during the course of the 7th Fatah Congress, held in Ramallah Nov. 29-Dec. 4, the song — an ode to Fatah for its decades of commitment to Israel’s destruction through terrorism – was played 11 times.

The following is an excerpt of its lyrics – key among them the demand to “slice open the enemy’s chest,” and assertion that the “sound of rifles gives us joy”:

Shoot the Dashka (machine gun) and the cannon

Let the whole world hear:

The Palestinian will never bow other than to the Lord of the universe…

Eilabun [the attempted bombing of Israel’s National Water Carrier by Fatah terrorists on Jan. 1, 1965 — the organization’s first attack against the Jewish state] was the first shot and Fatah was responsible

The oath is to free the state from the hands of the Zionists

Long live all the Fatah men

No one prevailed over us

We burst over the borders…

The Fatah man does not take things lightly…

He fires the mortar and the machine gun…

Strike, mortar, strike!

Slice open the enemy’s chest, slice it

I’m a Palestinian and I want my right

My full right…

The difficult way is our way

Bullets! Sing for us!

Bullets! Sing for us

The sound of the rifles gives us joy

Fatah taught me, thank you, Fatah

I have no love other than the love of the rifle.

Last week, in a three-hour address to the Congress on Wednesday — the day after being unanimously reelected to serve as Fatah’s leader for an additional five years — the 81-year-old Abbas hailed a number of dead Palestinian terrorist leaders as “martyrs,” among them Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Islamic Jihad founder Fathi Shaqaqi, PFLP founder George Habash and pre-World War II era Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini.

“They are all our heroes; you will not forget them; they are immortal in our people’s memory, and the homeland of Palestine,” Abbas reportedly said. “Their sacrifices will not be in vain.”

He also said that the PA would maintain its refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on Monday lashed out at Fatah for electing jailed terrorist Marwan Barghouti — serving a life sentence in Israel for orchestrating a string of attacks during the Second Intifada — to a senior role within its ranks.

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  1. Thick song. The worry is that they will not have a G-d to love but their rifle of course. They have no G-d. They have power wars and hate. And they will die by their choice.

    Never Again.

  2. As sick as this may be, they nevertheless have the guts to address their grievances via songs like this. Israel should translate it into hebrew and adjust the lyrics to apply to the rotzchim. Then we wwould see the world reaction.


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