Smotrich Refuses To Apologize For Calling For Torah State

Bezalel Smotrich
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MK Bezalel Smotrich, who heads the United Right’s National Union faction, on Tuesday discussed the ruckus surrounding his Sunday statement that he aims to “return the Torah to its foundation.”

“I have no intention of stuttering or apologizing, or ceasing pushing for the things I believe in,” he added.

There’s also a “complete lack of understanding” when it comes to how Jewish law works, he said. “Reality has changed, Judaism by the way has also changed.”

“When you say ‘an eye for an eye’ it’s obviously not physically, it’s monetary [compensation].”

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  1. Did he swear on a bible or actually read one?

    He trims a beard and wants a Torah state? Why not obey the commandment and see how Hashem grants one. We are Hashems. He is not a paid relative. Want Davidic freedom? Keep pure law yourself. It speaks better than man law made ordinance.

    • This guy says Judaism has change to secularism, to goyishism. It’s about time it gets back to the Torah.

  2. Why should Smotrich apologize? If anyone should apologize it should be Bibi who wants to continue making Israel a non-Jewish state causing anti-Semitism and the continuation of Arabs attacking Israel. SHAME ON BIBI!


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