Snickers to Air First-Ever Live Super Bowl Ad

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Snickers will run the first-ever live Super Bowl commercial during the game, the company announced today.

The ad is a 30-second spot,but not much else is known about it aside from hints dropped in four separate online teasers featuring a horse, a cowboy, and other western props.

According to CNN Money, this will be the sixth Super Bowl to feature a Snickers ad, and this particular live event will air during the first commercial break of the game’s third quarter.

Super Bowl LI takes place February 5 in Houston, Texas. Read more at CNN.



  1. Thank you for bringing the goyishe world at our finger tips. I’m so glad that we can always count on Matzav to help those who are looking for authentic Jewish torah news to instead fill our homes with goyishe culture. Well done Matzav- may you be zoche to go bankrupt before introducing more secular influences to our innocent children.

  2. Typical of Matzav to go into the sewer again. Are you out of your mind? Is this what your Torah audience wants to see? I can’t believe you would stoop this low.

      • I assume you are the same “Mr. Anonymous” who has taken his time to try and degrade those whom are writing valid complaints (and valuable complaints- as I’m sure Matzav needs to know). You can disagree in a civil way; your insulting comments just lower the status of your opinion.


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