Snow On Opening Day? Winter Storm Set to Sock NYC

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snow2A pre-April Fool’s day storm that could strafe the city with an inch of snow – even though it’s officially spring – is heading our way, the National Weather Service says.

No joke.

“This is going to come in two waves,” meteorologist Tim Morrin said. “The first signs of precipitation will come after midnight tonight in the form of blurry cold rain.”

Translation: the Thursday morning commute could be a miserable mush through rain and slush.

“Then a second, more substantial storm, will follow that,” said Morrin.

Oh, joy.

“Right now we’re anticipating a mixture of cold rain and snow,” the meteorologist said. “We don’t expect much accumulation, we’re only forecasting a half-inch to seven-tenths of an inch of snow.”

Still, Morrin said, “it’s still a pretty substantial storm. It has all the earmarks of a Nor’easter.”

The storm should exit Friday, but don’t break out the Bermuda shorts.

It will still be unseasonably cold and raw with the high temperature “at least five to eight degrees less than normal,” Morrin said.

The normal high for this time of year is about 55 degrees.

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