Snowstorm #6: Winter Storm Warnings For Tri-State Today


snowstormThe sixth storm of the season will hit the Tri-State today. The National Weather Service issued Winter Storm Warnings until 6 a.m. Thursday.

A period of snow in the morning was  accumulated up to 2-3 inches in parts of the Tri-State area. Winds of up to 15 mph are expected. Intermittent snow, sleet and rain was expected for the rest of the day before changing back to a steadier and heavier snow this evening. The bulk of the snow will exit overnight, but Thursday morning’s commute will be a messy one.

“We’re looking at these big totals, four to eight plus inches of snow,” said CBS 2HD’s meteorologist John Elliott. For this storm, the heavier accumulations will be found closer to the coast.

AccuWeather forecasters said total accumulations of 6-9 inches are expected in the city and for most adjacent suburbs, 3-6 inches are possible at the Jersey Shore, and more than 9 inches in parts of Connecticut.

News of this latest storm sent residents in New Jersey rushing for supplies. At one Home Depot in Secaucus, essentials like salt and shovels are going quick. “It’s at the point where it’s every week and you’ve got to just deal with it,” shrugged Joe DeSantis of Brewster.
Thursday will be windy with clouds breaking for some sun. A high of 38 is expected. Friday and Saturday will be mostly cloudy with periods of snow.

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  1. Oh, no! Here comes the rush for milk and bread. As if people cant wait 12 hours or all of a sudden they wont have milk and bread.

  2. Why does Matzav only care about the “Tri-state”‘s snow emergencies?!? What about everyone else? There is a world outside of New York by the way if anyone had any doubts about that!

  3. Chill, Poshiter Yid. Matzav is helpfully informing its NY area readers – who are most likely the majority, anyway – of what’s going on. If you would like updates of the weather in Yehupitsville, send an email to the editor. Even better – send him links to stories about your tornadoes or 6-tractor pileups or whatever so that he can post them. But you don’t sound intelligent when you sit there yelling about how nobody cares about you. We do. And the fact remains that the editor is probably more likely post stories that are relevant to MANY of this site’s visitors.

  4. Gregaaron: DC is not Yehupitzville. My wife took 6 to get home from 10 miles away; tens of thousands of others, including many Yidden, are still trapped in their cars.

    The largest frum community (over 1000 families) in the DC area is without power.

    What happened to rachmanim bnei rachmanim?


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