Snowstorm To Dump Foot-Plus Across Tri-State

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snow3It won’t be as bad as the Blizzard of 2010 but the Tri-State Area is once again bracing for some significant snowfall. The same storms that hit the South and Midwest over the weekend will come together in the Northeast, producing a broad-scale, very disruptive snowstorm.

The storm is expected to begin between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. today, with more moderate snowfall moving into our area by midnight. Snow will become heavy at times overnight before tapering to flurries by Wednesday afternoon.

Some areas could see as much as 14 inches, with the lower Hudson Valley possibly seeing anywhere from 10 to 16 inches.

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for New York City, Long Island and northeast New Jersey from 7 p.m. tonight through 6 p.m. tomorrow.

The storm shouldn’t affect today’s  afternoon commute, but the heavier bands of snow will almost certainly impact Wednesday’s morning commute.

“I honestly believe it’s going to be Wednesday morning for the hardest hit part of the system,” AccuWeather meteorologist Jim Kosek said. “The core of the accumulating snow is going to be over with probably by 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. Wednesday and we’ll still have flurries into the afternoon but I think it’s more of a clean up operation at that point.”

Port Authority officials said Newark, LaGuardia and JFK airports are ready with equipment and supplies for the approaching storm.
This will be a major snowstorm, but probably not an all-out blizzard. However, it will be worse than this past Friday-Saturday snow event.

The storm already wreaked havoc on the south, where freezing rain turned Atlanta into a sheet of ice. The glaze covered several inches of snow that fell overnight, making it nearly impossible to get around.

The winter blast pounded six states, including Alabama and North Carolina. More than 2,000 flights were canceled at area airports.

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  1. Whilst I understand that noone is thrilled to see more snow after what we have all experienced over the last few weeks, I feel that the term DUMPING, which is used in the title comes across as a very derogetory term. Yes, we will be inconvenienced, yes, our lives will not be as easy, yes, our kids may not have school. But surely an act by the Eibeshter cannot be referred to as DUMPING. We may throw out garbage, but when we say we are DUMPING something, it is used as a negative term. We must remember that no act of the One Above is negative.


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