So It Is, So It Is, But Is It Kosher? First Lab-Grown Burger Eaten

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burgerIn this case, “it tastes like meat” counts as a ringing endorsement.

Food critics sat down to taste the world’s first lab-grown burger and concluded that it’s a little bland, very lean, but tastes like a burger.

“This is meat to me,” said Austrian critic Hanni Ruetzer.

The burger is an attempt by researchers to find a more sustainable way to meet the growing demand for meat. Scientists from the Netherlands’s Maastricht University, with funding from Google’s Sergey Brin, took stem cells from a cow and turned them into strips of muscle and then combined them into a patty.

But if it’s going to be the food of the future, the price will have to come down: this one cost $300,000. Read more at BBC News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. That was my first question. Although it seems that as long as the original cells were from a kosher animal, it should be kosher. The real shailoh is whether it is parve or not.

  2. prob be fleishig, since it was made using real meat, and then grown in petri dishes. Therefore if it came from pork, it would be treif.

  3. The question is if the stem cells are/are not a davar ha’maamid, and if so, coming from nevilah it would be a problem

  4. The question is if the stem cells are/are not a davar ha’maamid, and if so, coming from nevilah it would be a problem

  5. 1 teretz how avrohom was able to serve the malachim basar vchalav is that the meat wasn’t fleishig since he used the sefer yetzeira to create it (the pasuk says ben habakar aher asa, that he created, not that he shechted)

  6. i hear that if you order it as part of the lunch special it only costs $225,000 and you get fries and a coke as well

  7. A calf made from Sefer Yetzira doesn’t need to be schechted, so too this is probably kosher, it seems to me. It definitely needs a gadol to really tell if it’s kosher, parve, etc.

  8. The thought is sickening and am sure that it cannot be kosher, but as usual, there will be those who for profit and money and anything goes,
    This era is probably the most low, immoral, unethical era on a societal level, than ever before.

  9. I think the question is whether it’s neveilah or not. Is it evier min hachai?

    In any event it comes from animal cells, so it’s got to be basari.

    An unhatched chicken egg is likewise a cell. It’s basari, but it isn’t removed from the hen before it’s shechted, so it isn’t neveilah.

    A calf fetus doesn’t need to be shechted and it’s kosher.


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