Social Experiment Reveals Israeli Kindness, Integrity

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A social experiment conducted last week showed Israelis helping whom they thought was a blind a student mistaking a large bill for a small one.

A video of the experiment, posted on Facebook by the pro-Israel group StandWithUs, shows the Israeli posing as a blind student asking strangers to break a 20-shekel bill, which was actually 100 shekels. Every person he stopped on the street — including some who approached to ask if he needed help — was honest and told him that the bill he was holding was, in fact, 100 shekels. One man even gave him an additional 20 shekels.

Other passersby behaved exactly the same way when he conducted the same experiment with a 200-shekel bill.

StandWithUs said the idea was taken from an American TV show, in which an actor pretended to be blind and asked strangers to break a $5 bill, which was actually $100. Unlike in Israel, many Americans took advantage of the situation.




  1. It is truly heartwarming to see the way Israelis refused to take advantage of an opportunity to rob a blind man. That said, the video of Americans doing just that is a fake and the people in that video are actors – Google the story for details.


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