Social Workers Demonstrate Across The Country, Threaten Strike Next Week

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Hundreds of social workers demonstrated at dozens of junctions around the country Thursday in protest of what they say is an unreasonable workload, with poor wages and the constant danger of violence.

During the latest in a series of recent protest rallies, the social workers reiterated their threat from earlier in the week to call a full strike next Monday.

Demonstrations were held in various cities including Yerushalayim, Tel Aviv and Haifa.

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  1. Great. Let them quit for good. Who needs these perverts coming over and saying there is nothing wrong with Heather has 2 mommies? Your feelings are okay and accepted.

    • Agree. And how many families have these social workers – who’ve raised a dog and a cat and think they know anything about raising children – destroyed in Israel, the US and elsewhere?

  2. when looking for and choosing a social worker, [ sometimes] you should act very carefully and with the consideration as choosing a doctor for a serious medical issue


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