Soldier Rescued By IDF: ‘I Believe In G-D, I Know He Exists’

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Private Ori Megidish, an IDF lookout who was abducted to Gaza on October 7 and subsequently rescued by the IDF 23 days later, shared her harrowing ordeal with donors from the United States, reflecting on what she described as the most challenging moments of her life.

Recalling the terrifying experience, Megidish recounted, “There were numerous loud noises, jolting us awake, and all of us girls rushed for cover.” She detailed the heart-wrenching separation from their families over the phone, followed by the tumultuous chaos of shouting and gunfire that ensued.

Despite the presence of soldiers in the bomb shelter attempting to shield them with their limited weaponry, Megidish revealed the overwhelming disparity in numbers, with only four weapons available for the protection of 20 female soldiers. She disclosed sustaining injuries from the grenades hurled by the terrorists, suffering wounds to her head, legs, and chest. Amidst a momentary lull in the violence, the assailants breached the shelter and opened fire indiscriminately.

“Out of 20 girls, only seven of us survived the onslaught, and I was among them,” Megidish recounted grimly. Following the bloodshed, they remained stranded in the shelter for an agonizing four hours, uncertain of the whereabouts of the army and desperately hoping for rescue, only to be seized by their captors.

Inquiring about the source of her resilience during the period of captivity, one of the donors sought insight from Megidish.

In response, she articulated, “I am a woman of faith. My belief in God sustains me, providing solace and fortitude. Amidst captivity, I felt a profound conviction that divine intervention would deliver me. I offered heartfelt prayers daily, drawing strength from the spiritual presence of departed loved ones – my grandmother, grandfather, and cousin. Clinging to this unwavering faith in my country and its defense forces, I found the resilience to persevere.”

Expressing a sense of premonition, Megidish revealed, “I cannot explain it, but I harbored an unshakeable certainty that rescue would arrive that day. Witnessing their arrival stirred overwhelming emotions within me.”

Megidish articulated her fervent desire to resume her service in the IDF as a testament to her resilience in the face of adversity.

“It is imperative for me to demonstrate my unwavering resolve and refusal to succumb. I am resolute and determined to return to military duty. Regular therapy sessions and the support of friends sustain me as I navigate this journey of recovery,” she affirmed, concluding her poignant account.

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    • so judgemental and narrow minded! I’m not sure you know but some people werent as lucky as you to be zoche to study in a frum school.

  1. the first step is to realize and believe Who is in charge. then, slowly, other changes will be made. be proud of her today, and watch what happens


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