Soldier Who Shot Subdued Terrorist: “I Did the Right Thing, at the Right Time”

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The IDF soldier who was filmed shooting a Palestinian terrorist Thursday while he lay on the ground said: “I did the right thing at the right time in order to prevent anything else bad from happening.”

The soldier added that he feared that the terrorist, who had already succeeded in stabbing another soldier, was going to try to attack other soldiers. “He wore a thick coat and therefore I feared that he would stand and detonate an explosive belt.”

IDF Spokesperson Moti Almoz said the soldier had been detained and will remain in custody until the conclusion of the investigations being conducted by military police. Almoz also emphasized that until proven guilty, the soldier would be regarded as innocent.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. I think that we are at the lowest point… where else is there to fall? We have lost our seichel. If there is any question about a soldier killing a terrorist. It is becoming impossible for any thinking person with a jewish neshama and heart to exist in this insane upside down world of lies…

  2. Presumed innocent, my foot. They’ve already convicted him in the media and in the upper echelons of the government.

  3. Actually it was at the wrong place and the wrong time.
    I have no problem with the killing (or the execution, if you will) of the terrorist. He deserved it for trying to murder as many innocent people as possible simply for being Jews, and this way he won’t be able to resume killing after being released as a goodwill gesture or in an exchange (as many who were released in the Shalit exchange have r”l murdered since).
    The problem here is that it was done in front of witnesses and cameras, which can cause harm to Israel in many different forms. The execution of a disarmed, injured terrorist who’s lying on the ground does not play well in Peoria, regardless of the facts mentioned above.

  4. Anonymous, I am going to be polite… Who cares about Peoria or wherever?? Who cares?? when are we going to wake up from this deep never-ending slumber ?? are you trying to be sarcastic? It is quite possible and probable that like often is the case these days we are watching an ongoing soap opera… a tragicomedy… puppet theater. The cameras, the actors, all in place… look beyond the stage.

  5. trying to unseat a duly elected president in the US by jewish politicians and media mguls has set back the support for israel among christians a 1000 yrs,


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