Son and Parents Hold Double Wedding in Yerushalayim

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chupahA young Christian American man who made aliyah seven years ago, converted to Judaism and became a talmid in a prestigious yeshiva in Yerushalayim got married last week. The chosson‘s parents, who were inspired by their son’s new path, decided to do the same. After a long conversion process, they were pronounced Jews by the bais din of Rav Nissim Karelitz.

In order to be considered a Jewish couple, they were required to get married again according to halacha. The mesader kiddushin was none other than Rav Karelitz himself.

The couple and their son decided to celebrate the two events together and held a joint wedding in Yerushalayim.

{Yair Israel}


  1. This is so touching. I feel he should be invited by every Jewish organization in America to speak for us and give us inspiration on becoming a yid. Is he by any chance a son of a shiek or prince. Or maybe better a son of a priest. wow. that would look great in the advertisements. All the ladies will be able to say “Ah, Mi K’amchu Yisroel”. Or is he an einikle of the Chasam Sofer ZT”L that shmad and then became a ger.

    Why are we forever seeking new thrills. Isn’t the good old fashioned yid sufficient. Sure its nice they became a ger. But the pirsum, the newspapers the big deal is too much.

  2. Dear Litvak. You couldn’t put it better.
    Gerim should rather keep low profile. Naming Parshos with their names – completely wrong.
    And making the story of certain Gioira part of our scriptures? What is this buzz about?

  3. Geirim is an American Phenomenom. It is fine and they should be accepted. But they do not become the leader of the community. We don’t have to get our inspiration from their stories how they were in church and finally saw the light and wanted to become a yid.

    Neither in Hungary, The Lita, Poland before the war did we encourage people to become geirim. There were very few and far apart. They were atleast as smart as we are now. There are more commentaries and meforshim to ask and answer the statement that you make about the naming of the parsha and the Giora.

  4. Dear Litvak
    Happened, that i know the topic somehow being ger myself.
    No body, centaierly not me, is taking about encouraging people to become Jewish, it should be rather opposite. And i also have a problem with wild west behavior of some leaders when comes to giurim. However my impression is that mocking gerim, and that’s what you do, doesn’t prove you point.
    “But they do not become the leader of the community” What is that about?

  5. To Litvak (and others): as this thread proceeds may I suggest that we first put our words through the prism of how we’re supposed to treat geirim.

  6. I think that this an unusual instance, and therefore “newsworthy”. I don’t think however, that sarcasm or “comedy” is necessary.One of the GedoleiHador saw fit to t be mesader Kidushin–that really says it all.
    btw,to Matys:I apologize for some of the crude remarks posted.

  7. No one here is mocking or is in any way disparging to geirim or baal tshvas. Absolutely to the contrary. The act they have taken is monumental. They should be respected and honored.It is a much greater sacrifice than someone born frum.

    However, I only object to organizations that use them as a tool as inspirational speakers trying to show why those frum should stay frum because “look at me that I went to church and I became frum therefore you too should be”. I have been to enough speeches where the speaker drags people through their entire church and christian experience. I don’t feel that part of it is proper.

    Sorry if you were offended . There was no intention.

  8. Ve’ahavtem es hager.

    It so happens the ultimate leadership of Klal Yisroel, Malchus Beis Dovid is descended of Geirim (Rus).

    As were Shmaya Vavtalyon, Unkelos, Rabbi Akiva, The Kohanim Gedolim (almost) all descended from Pinchas who was called “ben puti” (a derision) because he descended from a priest.

    As a matter of fact Moshe Rabbeinu married a Giyores as did Yehoshua Bin Nun.

    The Torah puts a great deal of emphasis on the story of Yisro (Placing Matan Torah in HIS parsha…)

    A Litvak ought to be more learned.

  9. Yes you were mocking those people somehow but I’m happy that we at least starting to understand each other. No offence taken btw.
    Observer, why you apologize? I have experienced much harsher comments in my life than this. Guess… It’s a part of the dill?.
    Now back to Litvak. I understand that you have enough of the confessions from all the gerim which you attended to listen. Believe me, no one of as is asking for rabaishe Chasunos, Mizrah Vant or those speeches. It is you guys FFBs who are doing this to some of us, gerim. Ask yourself why?
    By the way I’m about publishing the book describing my life experience where big part of it, depict my Christian experience as a Galuch. I devoted even one chapter specifically to New T. and another briefly tales the story of certain Jewish sect who believed that Mashiah came already.
    Did you ever open phone book of Denver for example? Do you know that almost half of Denver’s Jewish congregations are “messianic”? Can you dill with this with mentioned Meforshim? Or maybe leave those Jews alone?

  10. Matys, are you the one with the sane hashkafa on Zionism (Satmar-Brisk)? I’d like to contact you about your book ASAP. Please get my email from matzav. thanx.


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