Soros And Other Billionaires Demand Wealth Tax

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George Soros, heiresses to the Pritzker fortune, Abigail Disney and Facebook Inc. co-founder Chris Hughes are among those calling for a wealth tax to help address income inequality and provide funding for climate change and public health initiatives.

“We are writing to call on all candidates for President, whether they are Republicans or Democrats, to support a moderate wealth tax on the fortunes of the richest one-tenth of the richest 1% of Americans — on us,” according to a letter signed by 19 individuals — one anonymously — and posted online Monday. “The next dollar of new tax revenue should come from the most financially fortunate, not from middle-income and lower-income Americans.”

One of the youngest signers, 35-year-old Liesel Pritzker Simmons, whose extended family is worth more than $33 billion, framed the situation simply: “We are part of the problem, so tax us.”

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  1. Legally, it is permitted to pay more taxes than your tax rate. If Soros wants to pay more, he can. Yet he doesn’t.

  2. Why should the government tax you???? Why don’t you just send the IRS a check??/ they will be happy to accept it even without a law

    • 10:22, did you see both of their tax returns?! It could be simply a lie, or Buffet might have an NOL. Can’t draw any conclusions from Buffet’s idiotic mantra, unless he shows us his tax returns.

  3. Just because this broad happened to be born to a rich family doesn’t mean she wasn’t born with a pea sized brain.

  4. So Soros, Nobody stands in your way to give away all your money, Actually almost all of us here hope you give away your last penny than the world will be a better place.

  5. No one is stopping them from donating more money for infrastructure or whatever else they want to give money for.

  6. As already pointed out, they are free to give away all the money they want. I would add that Soros is notorious for making a fortune over the misfortunes of others, even countries. It should be self-evident he has worked out just how he will siphon off gobs of money from others from such an alleged wealth tax.

    • Bingo. He made himself over a billion dollars while costing British taxpayers several billion in his successful scheme to force the pound lower.

  7. Hippocrates to the rescue. Have a coke and a smile. This year. Next year it will be cavities.

    If anyone wants a Wealth Tax, wonder why the world has place for the charity. These guys are too lazy to look for a tax write off and just give the $100,000 to the Red Cross.

    Codger city water tax. The buffalo has roamed to want.


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