Sorry, White House: Like it or Not, Yerushalayim is Israel’s Capital

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yerushalayimBy Michael J. Totten

White House press secretary Jim Carney refused to publicly name the capital of Israel yesterday. All he was willing to say when asked repeatedly is that the White House position on Israel’s capital hasn’t changed.

You can watch the video and read the transcript here.

This is all really quite silly.

It’s a fact-not an opinion-that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. Anyone who insists otherwise is in denial.¬† You may wish Tel Aviv was its capital. You may even wish a united Al Quds was the capital of the Arab state of Palestine. But those things can only be true in an alternate universe or in the future. In this universe, in 2012, Israel exists and Jerusalem is its capital.

Only one of Israel’s national government buildings-the ministry of defense-is in Tel Aviv. All the others are in Jerusalem. And all of them are on the western side of the city inside the internationally recognized borders. The only people who dispute Israel’s right to exist in west Jerusalem are those who dispute Israel’s right to exist anywhere.

I can understand why Carney sighed when he first heard the question and preferred not to answer. He doesn’t want Arab governments to have a conniption fit.

The problem, though, is that he is enabling delusional rejectionists. It’s always easier in the short run to let self-destructive beliefs and behavior go unchecked, but it always makes the problem worse in the long run.


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  1. Citizens support humanity. If America is hedging on the dictums of the holy states issues today, there is likely good reason. Peace is always a consideration and there is a major change in the future if ISRAEL chooses to make a certain investment in a capitol city in Jerusalem over Tel Aviv. Either or, noone will dispute that Jerusalem is the Capitol city of the Kingdom of Israel. However the State of Israel has other priorities at the present day. Either or, I do not see this as a crucial issue and we have much more at stake than a dot on the map versus a star. Israel continues to do its best with the international communities and Israel’s independance is not an issue. But rather than wish that our president and his campaigns be derailed over a trivilaity in terms of its own capacity to change world events today, lets be certain that we support a future where by we can accurately work with a difficult community of arab neighbors who are NOT GOING AWAY.

  2. This seems to be a heresy to me since Israel is on the map and its purpose is to be a homeland for the Jewish people. To assert that the Nations are not recognizing the capital city as you wanted to display it to be is truthfully intelligent, but to make it a political statement that elects one president over another, one must be concerned that you are not pursuing G-ds will but you are really pursuing your own will.
    Either or, Hashem guides the Jewish nation and Israel will always be a true place to being a Jew and holding a candle to the faces of death that seek to destroy the Jewish People. Everyone will play a role, but Hashem is in control; and quite possibly it is the jurisprudence of a center of gravity in Tel Aviv that serves G-ds purposes today. Just my thoughts and hopefully not a contention that is going to separate Jerusalem from the world today.


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