SOULLESS: Pelosi: Law That Saves Most Unborn From Abortion Is A ‘Catastrophe’

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tweeted Wednesday that the Texas ban on abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected is a “catastrophe to women” in the state.

Pelosi, who claims to be a “Catholic,” bemoaned the U.S. Supreme Court’s silence on the application by abortion providers for an injunction. The law is now in effect, banning abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, generally at about the sixth week of pregnancy.

“SCOTUS’s failure to block #SB8 has delivered catastrophe to women in Texas,” Pelosi tweeted. “This radical law is an all out effort to erase the rights and protections of Roe v Wade.”

Pelosi then went on to equate ending the life of an unborn baby to “basic reproductive health care.”

“Every woman, everywhere has the constitutional and moral right to basic reproductive health care,” she continued. “We will fight SB8 and all immoral and dangerous attacks on women’s health and freedoms with all our strength.”

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  1. So what this evil wicked privileged WHITE female, who lives in an all WHITE gated community, no blacks allowed, is saying, is, a woman can do or not do what she wants with her body in regards to murdering her baby. It’s her “choice”. But it’s NOT her choice if she decides NOT to get vaccines put into her body. That, this evil witch says, you don’t have a “choice”. It’s too bad Nancy’s mother didn’t perform an abortion when she was pregnant, expecting this little rodent.

  2. Liberals look at humans as not more than a bunch of cells, they don’t believe humans have souls and that we were created for a purpose so life for them is dispensible.

  3. Please feel free not to post this meeting. I think you should critisise people like trump and the governor’s of Florida and Texas etc governor’s that fight safety measures to stop people from dying as well as fighting the common sense gun laws no matter how many people will die.

    • Stevenn 12:52, are trying sarcasm, or are you genuinely clinically insane? Your spelling and grammar match your socialist-fascist incoherence of thought process.

  4. Over 62 million babies were murdered in the United States since Roe vs. Wade. And Nancy the fake Christian wants us believing that it is constitutional and moral to kill babies, and if you disagree, you are immoral. This will be what the dems run on in 2022 and they will win again. They keep failing the people (border, COVID, Afghanistan, inflation, crime………) but before every election they come up with an emotional argument that draws out all their voters in waves and they keep winning. Remember Kavanaugh, BLM, Russia, impeachment….. They then use their position of power to strengthen their base by giving away free things, freeing criminals and opening the border. They also use their power to attack and destroy their opponents. It’s very unfortunate where we are heading. I wish all the good people the best of luck and all the rotten dems a horrible life for what you are doing to this great country. Long live the USA and long live fetuses. – I love ranting

  5. Yes we know that a baby normalizes a world. This is a world of unsettling war.

    When I worked in a Catholic medical center, there was a distinct feeling of a very good cradle being kept. The never felt was blood-harm to the world. This sets me and I know that other medical centers feel different.

    Overall, even the medical research benefits with the new birth. A child is a future of all research, living, learning and even hope for employment and willful military. The never seen world affair can improve.

  6. Abortion is murder. Women should know how not not to get pregnant if they don’t want to have a baby and take preventive measures beforehand. That being said, there are many childless people willing to adopt babies, so someone gets pregnant they should wait it out and put their child up for adoption.

  7. Truly a very sick puppy.
    Imagine what a better place we’d be at if Speaker Pelosi’s mother had availed herself of this service.


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