SOUR GRAPES: ‘Loser, Loser, Loser’: Chris Christie Says Trump ‘Hasn’t Won a … Thing Since 2016’

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Presidential candidate and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ripped Donald Trump during a CNN town hall, blaming him for the GOP underperforming in three straight elections.

Chirstie is seen as a longshot candidate and is polling poorly, but more than any other candidate has displayed a willingness to criticize Trump. The former governor explained his disbelief that other candidates are trying to avoid discussing Trump on the campaign trail.

“Say his name, man,” he said. “How do you beat someone if you won’t talk about them? How do you beat them if you won’t distinguish yourself from them?… The only thing he understands is force. The only thing he understands is coming right at him and making your case. And if these other candidates don’t want to do it, the American people and Republican primary voters have to start to understand this.”

Christie noted the gripes from Trump and other Republicans, accusing the Department of Justice of being “weaponized” after the former president was federally indicted last week.

“When did we get to the point [where] we’re always blaming our adversaries for the weakness of our candidates?” he asked. “‘Oh, it’s the Democrats fault, it’s the DOJ fault, it’s this person’s fault, it’s the media’s fault.’”

Christie then put the blame on Trump:

How about it’s his? He hasn’t won a damn thing since 2016. Three-time loser: 2018, we lost the House; 2020, we lost the White House; we lost the United States Senate a couple weeks later in 2021; and in 2022, we lost two more governorships, another Senate seat, and barely took the House of Representatives when Joe Biden had the most incompetent first two years I’d ever seen in my life.

Loser, loser, loser. Now we’re getting going. “It’ll be different this time?” Why? Why will it be different this time? Those arguments need to be made, and I’m not afraid to make them for two reasons. One, I’m not afraid of him. And two, it’s the truth.



  1. This oversized piece of garbage is the reason to Republicans lost the 2012 election. Granted the person running in 2012 was a loser himself, there was a decent possibility that he would upset Obama but with the human hot air balloon giving Obama a major hug on the beaches of New Jersey, that went out the window.

    So would you elections did this tub of lard win last? Wasn’t he defeated? He thinks he’s hot stuff but meanwhile he’s a piece of garbage a real disgusting piece of garbage. It’s terrible in your own state doesn’t like you, even the minut amount of Republicans are in New Jersey.


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