Source: Family of Menachem Stark Has Not Heard From Mayor’s Office

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de-blasioFamily and friends of R’ Menachem Stark z”l, are wondering why they haven’t heard from the office of newly installed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a source close to the Stark family told The Algemeiner.

The source, who did not wish to be named, said “The mayor’s office has had no contact with the family at all.”

“We are talking about seven orphans. Seven children who lost their father due to a kidnapping and murder. Where is the mayor when it comes to this case?” the source cited a family member as saying. “We ask the mayor to come and show respect to the orphans.”

Earlier Tuesday, NYPD Chief of Department Philip Banks paid a visit to the mourning family in Brooklyn, and New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton held a press conference to update the public on the ongoing investigation into Stark’s murder.

The killing is by far the most high profile since De Blasio’s new administration took office at City Hall at the start of this year.

The Stark family member was also critical of “inappropriate” NYPD leaks of “hurtful information” regarding the case, the source said.


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  1. B’ezras Hashem the family will have a nechama and will only know simchos in the future, but I wonder what a call or visit from the mayor will really do besides provide a photo-op for him to make him look good in the press? Also, does the mayor of NYC make it a habit to contact the family of every murder victim in the city? If so, then they are right to feel slighted. If not, remember that this is a, Baruch Hashem, rare event in our communities, but unfortunately common in their world. Why should we expect (or demand) special treatment?

  2. Like you said, common in the world, and it bhappens every day, but it happened in HIS city, common sense, would tell you, he should pay a visit

  3. I really am a confused ben torah, so many comments from so many people, and their is no mention of Hashems name is the entire picture. To say hashem has abandoned us and we know better wow. We daven Rosh Hashona and we say words that apparently have no meaning “vnasana Tokaf” me b’aish yes jewish community its so true ‘hashem” decrees all of this and messangers carry it out. Menachem Z’tzl was our messanger to return to Amina in Hashem, he protects he decrees he lets you live, and if the time has come to go..that happens to.

  4. Such things don’t happen every day yes there are unfortunately many crazy things happening every day but this one was something that even the media saw as tragic

  5. #3 OH really, do you know how many murders happen in His city every day? The mayor could spend several hours every day visiting every family.

  6. It seems like people try to find some dumb excuse to find fault with politicians
    wether its the president or the mayor. No the mayor didn’t have to go.

  7. I think it is childish to make a public statement criticizing the Mayor for not making a Shivah call. Its just symbolic and won’t make any member of the family feel any better. Its come to the point where we are begining to look stupid

  8. agreed with many of the points – the only people who comfort a family are the ones who are almost as deeply pained and of course the boray olam- not the president – . i feel so – there is no word that can accurately express – the pain this family is going through. even when they find the murderers and put them away – can it bring back their tatte.


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