Special Ed- The Field That’s Tried and True

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Shani is a passionate special educator who positively impacts the lives of many Lakewood  children. As a teenager, she worked with children with special needs, devoting her Chessed hours in high school to these special children and their families, and spent her summers in Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special. When Shani was ready to enter the workforce, she knew that the special education field was where she belonged.

Shani enrolled in TTI’s Masters in Special Education program, and found it to be a most rewarding experience. While completing her coursework, Shani  worked as a classroom assistant for students with special needs. “Working in special education while going for my degree made all the difference. I was able to take what I learned and put it into practice. In addition, I was able to complete my fieldwork through my job. Everything was done in real time. As I learned strategies in class on Sunday, I was able to implement them over the week with the children in the school.”  

Upon graduation, Shani moved to Lakewood and worked as a co-teacher at a special education preschool. She found that her fieldwork experiences from the Master’s program gave her hands-on application to supplement what she learned in class and was invaluable to her as she furthered her career working with children of various disabilities. When Shani was ready to work for the Board of Education, she found that her degree was recognized and highly valued. Most importantly, because her degree provided her with certification as both a General Education and Special Education teacher, her ability to perform multiple duties within a classroom setting was greatly appreciated by her superiors.  

Today Shani works in the field of bilingual education, supporting children who are struggling to learn, and for whom the language barrier is an additional obstacle. Shani has been able to provide for her family while making a significant impact on the many children she works with each day. She feels strongly that since one does not know where life will take you, having a degree that prepares you well is a pathway to success.

As Shani often mentors young people who are exploring their career options, she recommends that students reach out to TTI directly (718-376-0974 ext 11) to gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities available in the field. She finds that those who are enthusiastic about teaching children and obtain the right credentials stand a strong chance in becoming the successful educators of the future.



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