SPECIAL ELECTION: Flatbush Girl Fails Miserably, as Voters Choose Farah Louis For City Council

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Flatbush — Brooklynites elected Farah Louis today to replace former city councilman, current Public Advocate, Jumaane Williams.

Patch.com reports that Louis defeated Williams’ endorsed candidate, Monique Chandler-Waterman, and six other candidates in the District 45 special election to represent Flatbush, Midwood and Canarsie with 42 percent of the vote, according to the New York City Board of Elections.

Louis claimed 3718 of the 8775 votes counted and beat Chandler-Waterman by more than 1000 votes. Louis, who spent six years in Williams’ City Council office, will serve in the City Council seat through the end of 2019, completing Williams’ last term, but her race is not over: she will face a June 25 primary and a general election in November.

The seat Louis will claim became available in February when Williams won the public advocate position left vacant by Attorney General Letitia James.

Louis ran against Anthony Alexis, Adina “Flatbush Girl” Sash, Jovia Radix, Xamayla Rose, Victor Jordan and L. Rickie Tulloch. Patch.com


  1. “Failed Miserably” is a bit strong seeing as -according to the asknim- we are only 17% of that district…and she was a long shot. The question is why she tried?

  2. B”H the achdus paid off big time. Now, if only we could have similar achdus and vote in some God fearing Republicans next time around, we’d be in good shape. We did it for Bob Turner in Congress. We did it for David Storobin for State Senate.

  3. The Rabbonim and Jewish councilmen all said to vote for Louis.
    The social media queen only got 410 votes, B”H

  4. FB could’ve elected a Jewish girl, but nooooo. When I visit n y/Brooklyn I notice that most Jewish businesses employ goyim. I walked into a b p bank and not one frum teller. Shame on you FB.

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about and are spewing your ignorance. You clearly have no grasp on our community. Please leave your falsehoods to yourself.

  5. Are our people so apathetic as not to produce 3397 winning votes out of frum population of Midwood and Flatbush?! Disgusting! We are not playing as one team.

    • Maybe you don’t understand. The frum community clearly showed that we don’t vote for our own just because they are our own. We actually expect our own to have Torah values more then we expect from outside of our own. From outside of our own we do NOT expect them necessarily to have our own values – what is important is that they can accomplish for our community – we don’t expect in golus to have government officials that share our values. However when a candidate comes from our own community, they represent the jewish people and the Torah itself and we hold them to a higher standard. No free rides just because someone comes from the community. So she lost because “WE DID NOT WANT HER TO WIN”.

  6. It seems that the first two commentators here don’t live in the areas, so don’t understand some things.

    To OOT BH – there are various reasons for what you see, economic and others. And realize that you are generalizing and don’t see everything on brief visits either.

    To anonymous 11:41 – the district where the election was held is not the heart of the community, so the numbers there are not as high as elsewhere.

  7. In fairness she never had a chance. Frum people are only seventeen percent of the district so even had a non-controversial frum person ran they would have lost anyway.

    In general when you are less than a twenty percent minority you are better off endorsing a candidature from another community who will work with you than running your own candidate.

  8. For those who dont know the 45th district covers a wide area that not only has Jewish residents but is also heavily populated by african americans and catholics.

  9. These special off elections have low turnout so she did have a chance

    The community needed to send a message to would-be imitators
    you can’t mock everything that is of value Cherished to us on social media and then turn around and say
    ” I’m one of you come support me”

    credit to Rabbi Yehuda Levin & his crowd for being first to her call attention her indiscretions

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