Special Needs Jewish Woman Struggles To Survive in Prison



Shock waves were sent through the community of Neve Dekalim this month after the arrest & imprisonment of special needs 24-year-old Hodaya Monsango. Hodaya is a kind and gentle young woman whose mental capacity remains at that of a child. She became involved in an elaborate hoax recently when she was hired to babysit for a woman’s two children during a vacation to Peru.


On their way back to Israel, security stopped Hodaya to search her luggage and reportedly found illegal substances. Family members claim she had no capacity to procure, or smuggle, such substances, and that, being an easy target due to her disability, she was unjustly framed. Police arrested Hodaya and she is currently being held in a Peruvian prison. Those close to the terrified woman say she has no understanding of where she is, or why. Chabad of Lima has been making regular deliveries of kosher food to her cell.


Money is now being raised in an urgent effort to afford all the legal fees, expert opinions, medical and other expenses. It has been estimated that the cost will amount to $225,000, a sum far beyond the budget of the family. On December 15, the prosecutor will ask the court to sentence Hodaya (along with the woman who set her up) to at least 25 years in prison, after which Hodaya’s situation will become even more complicated, and it will become far more difficult to ever secure her release.


Money is being crowdfunded for this urgent case of pidyon shvuyim here for a limited time.




  1. May Hashem grant her a miraculous speedy delivery back home Bekoroiv, vary sad story indeed, a set up… who is behind this and who would be so heartless to do such a thing on a special needs person. how cruel, Hashem would most definitely repay those responsible Midah Keneged Midah…

    After all that in all good faith i ask the following respectful question to those who are working with the Woman and or the family, meaning who is the Org. that is assisting this woman in Israel on a daily bases or who are the parents or family of this woman that would allow this woman to travel from Israel to Peru to work as a babysitter there, knowing she needs (respectfully speaking) a caretaker of how own?
    something doesn’t make sense with this story, something more that hasn’t been written here is missing……

    I am planning in donating handsomely for this urgent cause, I will donate and ask later Q. just thought to share my question here if anyone knows.
    Hatzlacha and may she be redeemed speedily unhurt and untouched in her return home to Israel..

  2. if ” mental capacity remains at that of a child” how was” she was hired to babysit for a woman’s two children during a vacation to Peru”?

  3. I’m unclear on something.
    She has the IQ of a child and needs
    constant medical and psychological care. Yet she flew to Peru (it seems purposefully vague) possibly on her own to take a job babysitting.
    I’d love to help. Please clarify the situation.

  4. I would also like to ask whether the despicable person or people who allegedly arranged the controlled substance and those who allowed / encouraged the young lady to fly to Peru for “babysitting” are Jewish.

  5. Seems like someone took advantage of her (a form of abuse). Makes us worry for our mental health striken family member

  6. Neve Dekalim was evacuated ten years ago when Israel left the Gaza Strip. What community are you taking about? Neve Dekalim no longer exists?

    • If you check other news sources you will see that Matzav made a spelling error. The community she is from is called Bne Dekalim and is located in Southern Israel in the Lachis region.


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