Video: Special Needs Teen Brutally Beaten By NYPD Officers On Simchas Torah

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nypd-beat-jewish-kid[Video below.] A video that surfaced online shows an unarmed, shoe-less and shirtless Jewish youth being beaten by NYPD officers in the wee hours of the morning of Simchas Torah last week, after appearing to resist arrest.

Local community blog named the victim as Ehud Halevy, a resident of Brooklyn, aged 22. Although a YouTube video headline labels Mr. Halevy as a “special needs teen,” The Algemeiner has been unable to verify this claim.

The clip, showing October 8th at 1:05 am as the time of recording, opens with what appears to be a verbal interaction between Mr. Halevy and two police officers, one male and one female. After a failed effort to handcuff the youth, the male officer adopts an aggressive stance, strikes Mr. Halevy in the head, and precedes to beat him for approximately two minutes. The female officer strikes the man repeatedly with a truncheon and according to the community blog, “the man is also pepper-sprayed.”

Other officers arrive on the scene shortly afterward and the man is cuffed and escorted from the building.

The incident took place at the ALIYA Alternative Learning Institute for Young Adults, a Jewish youth center founded in 2003, that is “committed to serving spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and vocational needs of young adults in the Crown Heights community.”

A source familiar with the incident who did not wish to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter, told The Algemeiner that “someone called the cops because he didn’t recognize the kid sleeping there, the cops came and tried arresting him – when he held back/resisted the cops punched him out.”

The victim told the source that “he had permission to sleep there.”

According to the local blog, the man is being charged with assaulting a police officer and “four Misdemeanor charges and four violations, including trespassing, resisting arrest and harassment.” He has been released on bail.

Officers at the 71st Precinct and at the New York Police Department press line did not immediately respond to The Algemeiner’s request for comment.

The video of the incident is posted below, please note the video includes violent scenes, viewer discretion is advised.

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Algemeiner Journal

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  1. Bet the officer did not know he was on video.
    he clearly did not assault the officer but rather was beaten up by two officers without even hitting back.
    Scandal !!

  2. New Yorks finest……FEH!

    Half of New York cops are corrupt and the other half are thugs who can beat up anyone because they’re cops!!!

  3. Please do not comment until we know the entire story. It is possible that he was innocent, it is possible that he did something to provoke this incident but we can’t see it due to the position of the camera… we simply don’t know anything. Let’s know fan the fire until we know what’s happening.

    And this is coming from someone who was falsely accused and beaten up by the NYPD without cause, many years ago.

  4. What was the complaint of the security guard to the police- who upon seeing the degree of brutality he brought upon this boy- could not stand to watch it?

  5. Why don’t we just Rodney King this. Just riot and loot all of NY. Why do some police officers insist on showing us that they need to be intimdated – which makes those officers worthless? The police department should discinpline these couple of thugs in uniforms

    [Of course I don’t mean that we should actually riot….]

  6. It’s pretty bad – seems like she tried to cuff him without telling him – that would startle anyone – seems like the male really wanted to beat someone – doesn’t look like the finest hour for New Yorks finest.

  7. no seriously,, has there ever been a time where a dunkin donuts was copless?! i like donuts too, but i don live on them, sleep on them and breath on them. what is it about donuts that they love so much anyway?! is it the sprinkles? or maybe the oily texture of the hot musshy dough? uhmm,,i’m in the mood of a donugger!! so why do they love donuts so much…

  8. Discusting! When will “uensireh” “leaders” stop honoring these low life police officers? Ray “cover up” Kelly will of course n Al Sharpton was right!

  9. Who is becoming police officers? Not the brightest. When someone’s going to college, do they really say, gee, I would love to become an officer? No. Any smart student will become a lawyer, doctor, businessman, etc… That’s where the money is. Its only the dumb losers who become cops. You don’t have to do much. Mostly sit around, eat donuts, shmooze, write some parking tickets, report some accidents, stare at passing women, etc… There was an Adom Gadol ZT”L who had a Shul on Ocean Parkway & Ave. R, who said: What is the difference between a “mafia” man & a police man? Answer: the uniform! Just a bunch of bullies with low self esteem!


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