Special Pesach Programs for Special Needs

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By Daniela Berkowitz

Over 200 young adults with special needs are preparing for a very unique Pesach experience at Seeach Sod’s “Nofshon” Respite Center in Jerusalem. These participants will sleep over at the hotel-like Nofshon, where they will be treated to a traditional Pesach featuring a wide range of activities by Seeach Sod’s trained staff. For the 16th year running, the full program includes a dynamic seder for those who cannot be with their families and offers activities during Chol HaMoed. Eighty individuals, ranging from age three to adulthood, will participate in the seder, which is tailored to provide for the emotional and spiritual needs of the participants and grant many families peace of mind knowing that their children are being properly cared for during this busy season.

In addition to the programs during chag itself, 45 elementary school aged kids enjoyed a pre-Pesach “camp.” The program included a theatrical play, games, art projects, water activities and learning. The week-long camp was packed with song and dance to ensure these students were fully inspired for a lively chag.

In the weeks prior to Pesach, boys and girls from the various Seeach Sod schools and residential programs embraced the preparations for chag by taking trips to matzah baking centers around Jerusalem, learning about Kriyas Yam Suf, and enjoying other festivities.

“Our annual Pesach programs are designed to reinforce the mitzvos of Pesach,” said Rabbi Shimon Levy, CEO of Seeach Sod. “All these activities were planned and implemented by our professional staff, including speech, physical and occupational therapists, to ensure the maximum rehabilitative and enrichment during a time when schools are typically on break. As part of our motto to provide culturally and age appropriate activities to the special needs community that is no different than the experiences of their peers, we have prepared hands-on Pesach programs for hundreds of children to approach the chag with excitement.”

Celebrating 45 years, Seeach Sod serves 1,000 individuals with special needs through group homes, vocational programs and other educational opportunities geared to the frum community.  Seeach Sod is committed to working on behalf of the special needs community and constantly develops new services to improve the lives of individuals with special needs. To support Seeach Sod, visit seso.co.il/en



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