Speculation Starts Swiftly On 2016 Presidential Race


2016President Obama’s reelection was less than a day old before the speculation began about who might run to replace him in 2016.

Atop the list for the Democrats: Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and a gaggle of ambitious younger party stars, from Maryland Gov. Martin O’ Malley to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Among Republicans, talk has already turned to Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.).
As was the case in advance of the 2008 election, the field in both parties seems wide open.

And, even if it might be expecting too much to think that the 2016 race could rival that epic struggle for drama, there are more than enough intriguing prospects to whet the appetite of those political junkies already dreaming of the next Iowa and New Hampshire showdowns.

Discussions on the Democratic side are dominated by one question: Will Hillary make another run for president?

Even the most plugged-in Washington insiders are unable to answer with any certainty.

On one hand, no one doubts the scale of the secretary of State’s ambition. On the other, the bruises from her 2008 primary loss to the current president were deep and might yet dissuade her from making another bid.

If Clinton did run, she would be an overwhelming favorite. Her husband’s unflagging efforts to help the president’s reelection bid this year have also helped.

Clinton’s strengths are so obvious that, were she to send out the smoke signals indicating that she was going to run, she might discourage any serious rival from competing against her.

“I would imagine that if she decided to run, and decided to run early, she would just clear the field,” said Tobe Berkovitz, a Boston University professor who specializes in political communication.

“I just can’t see anyone wanting to be the skunk at that garden party.” Read more at THE HILL.

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  1. Very arrogant people. Why should everyone back out of the way if Hillary decides to run? That is not democratic. It doesn’t belong to any one individual. Are the Democrats so weak that they are “afraid” to run against the Clintons?

  2. Can anyone please for the life of me tell me what is it about this women that half of this country cannot get over that they are so obsessed with? According to people that have worked or dealt with her say that she is a mean selfish and arrogant women. And as far as looks goes I can tell you,as I’ve seen her in real life – there is nothing to write home about. A retired secret service agent wrote about her on a blog saying she is the most hated protectee that the service has had to protect in recent years. Only Johnson was as obnoxious as her. So what is it about her? Anyone??


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