Spirit Airlines’ Carry-On Bag Fee Starts Today


spirit-airlinesSpirit Airlines passengers may want to get to the airport a little earlier than normal today as a new fee on carry-on bags takes effect. Spirit sparked controversy in April when it announced plans to charge forcarry-on items. Passengers who pay in advance, either online or by phone, have to fork over $30. For those who don’t pay before arriving at the boarding gate, the fee jumps to $45.

Members of Spirit’s special fare club only pay $20 for a carry-on. And any bag small enough to fit under a seat flies for free.

Spirit says extra employees will be on hand to assist passengers. And the airline is expecting a busy day as most flights are more than 90 percent booked.

{Breitbart/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I fly to Spirit to Florida because they have the best fares. If I start to add up all the fees, I don’t think there’s any bargain left.
    They just publicize their fare with the minimum possible additional fee(one bag carry on, etc) to the highest fee.

  2. The l’maaseh is, women can take a pocketbook and a small bag that fits under the seat that can probably fit more than you think. Ditto for the pocketbook. Don’t know what option men have.
    Oh, and you can also carry food and a book.
    I’m not defending Spirit, just mentioning that as other airlines are also starting to charge for things they never did, it might still be an option.


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