Spokesman For Chief Rabbi Helps Rescue Man At Tel Aviv Beach

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A few hours before the start of the Shabbos, swimmera at the separate beach in Tel Aviv noticed an older avreich drowning in the sea. Among the bathers was Avi Sussia, the spokesman of the Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau, who performed CPR and saved the man’s life.
After continuous resuscitation efforts with the help of additional forces called to the beach, the elderly man was evacuated to the hospital in serious condition.

Avi Suissa, who is a volunteer at Ichud Hatzolah, later described the incident to reporters:

“While I was at the beach, there were cries of help from someone who drowned, and with the help of a lifeguard we pullecd a 70-year-old man without a pulse  from the surf.”

“We carried out resuscitation operations, and evacuated the man to the intensive care unit to continue receiving medical treatment at the hospital.”




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